How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 10 2019

''Deep'' kitchen appliance fryer
''Hungarian Rhapsodies'' composer liszt
''Not interested'' ipass
''Water Lilies'' painter monet
1-800-__-RAIL (Amtrak's number) usa
2016 Olympics host rio
A question of technique how
Acquit letoff
Agitated, with ''up'' het
Ancient Mexican mayan
Architectural topper spire
Authenticate verify
Back-of-check signature endorsement
Batter instruction stir
Battleship barrage salvo
Be concerned care
Beside oneself irate
Between ports atsea
Blunted sword epee
Book jacket part flap
Boxing biz adjective undisputed
Brit. lexicon oed
British art patron tate
Brook swimmer trout
Burner's offense arson
Bushy hairdos afros
Bylaws, briefly regs
Can't tolerate detests
Captain's superior major
Cash drawer slot tens
Certain metalworker goldsmith
Change to a lower gear downshift
College official dean
Coloration hue
Common computer font arial
Common Easter candy shape egg
Concert bonus encore
Connery, proudly scot
Couch or bench seat
Crunchy sandwiches, for short blts
Develop a liking for taketo
Dishwasher cycle rinse
Displeased look frown
Emulate most taxpaying families efile
Encroach impinge
Extremely dry arid
Extremely harsh severe
Far from congenial icy
Far-ranging wide
Feudal peasant serf
Former adolescent adult
Frat letter eta
Free verse's lack meter
Galileo Airport city pisa
Game with greens golf
Greet wordlessly wavehi
Grows dim fades
Gumshoe tec
Gush forth spew
Ham's helper cue
High-powered intense
Humbly yielding servile
Hush-hush clandestine
Hush-hush org cia
In separate pieces apart
Indulges, with ''to'' caters
Informal ''okay'' yeah
Informal top teeshirt
Inn, informally bandb
Inventor Sikorsky igor
Inventory list items
Invigorating drink tonic
Jam-packed dense
Judy's eldest liza
Kids' backyard play area treefort
Kilt pattern tartan
Lacking confidence timid
Landlocked Himalayan land nepal
Low-heeled shoes flats
Lute-shaped fruit pear
Measure of power watt
Moved sideways edged
Myth-based Marvel superhero thor
Natural balm aloe
New England seafood scrod
New Year's Eve party handout hat
News sources media
Not set in stone adjustable
Off-road rides, briefly atvs
On an angle sloped
Organic fly trap web
Paper package ream
Parisian pal ami
PD alert apb
Petrol measure litre
Piece of flatware spoon
Prof. aides tas
Public health agcy cdc
Quirky odd
Radio-active employee dispatcher
Rather long time years
Reasonable sane
Removable cover lid
Ring loudly peal
Rotated rapidly twirled
Rounds for weapons ammo
Ruby or cardinal darkred
Says further adds
Scatter about strew
Set of eight octad
Shingled sites roofs
Sideline for some media personalities podcasting
Signs up enlists
Snap, shot, or snapshot pic
Snowmobile part ski
Something to rise above adversity
Sore throat culprit, perhaps strep
Southwestern brick adobe
Spring for lunch treat
Stand in for actas
Starts the bidding opens
State the meaning of define
Stone Age discovery fire
Storm tracker radar
Subterfuge ploy
Sugar source beet
Surprise success sleeper
Sushi fish eel
Tablet download app
Tear apart rend
Tennis great Roddick andy
Timely letters found ''across'' the 10 longest answers dst
Too-late understanding hindsight
Toward the dawn east
Toy for windy weather kite
Trickle slowly seep
Trifle with tease
Tulsa sch oru
Turner over a burner spatula
Twist the truth lie
URL opener http
Utilize, with ''into'' tap
Wicked one fiend
Wide rd blvd
Workout program taebo
__ Competition (Emmy category) reality
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