How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 06 2011

''Do tell!'' INDEED
''Little'' Dickens girl NELL
''Mary Poppins'' chimney sweep BERT
''No seats today'' SRO
''Pencils down!'' TIMESUP
''Pirates of the Caribbean'' star DEPP
''__ evil, hear . . .'' SEENO
''__ she blows!'' THAR
'70s Mideast leader MEIR
Advertising medium NEON
Also starring WITH
Apollo-era NASA rocket SATURN
Armpits, to anatomists AXILLAE
As well TOO
Atmosphere AURA
Author Jaffe RONA
Auto-club services TOWS
Autobahn auto OPEL
Band section BRASS
Baseball commissioner since 1992 SELIG
Baseball great Stan MUSIAL
Battle of Britain grp. RAF
Beloved ENDEAR
Beverage with bubbles SODAPOP
Big game-show prize TRIP
Bit of kindling TWIG
Blood-bank visitor DONOR
Bold ones DARERS
California peak SHASTA
Cattle call MOO
Checks for messages, perhaps CALLSIN
Cheer for a toreador OLE
Christopher Marlowe contemporary KYD
CIA predecessor OSS
Clamorous LOUD
Clothes line HEM
Coloring agent DYE
Come clean CONFESS
Curled-lip look SNEER
Curved construction ARCH
Disorderly situation ZOO
Diving bird LOON
Do a brake job REPAD
Dog-show org. AKC
Eminent French designer DIOR
Essences PITHS
Ethanol source CORN
Excellent, slangily PHAT
Fancy-egg maker FABERGE
Farm enclosures STIES
Fender flaw DING
Feudal worker SERF
Flamboyant neckwear ASCOT
Fugue master BACH
Garner GET
German industrial city ESSEN
Gold: Sp. ORO
Hard-drive prefix TERA
Has final word SAYSSO
Have no use for HATE
Hernando's home CASA
Hunters' org. NRA
In a fog HAZY
In the past AGO
Inventor Howe ELIAS
It means ''lizard'' SAUR
Jar for jasmine VASE
Kid __ (TV for tots) VID
Law: Fr. LOI
Learning method ROTE
Lebanon neighbor SYRIA
Left the ground for a bit LEAPED
Less shake than a quake TREMOR
Literary alias SAKI
Luggage attachments IDTAGS
Male armadillos BOARS
Mary Kay competitor AVON
Montreal assent OUI
Move swiftly DART
New money for Estonia EURO
New Zealand dollar illustration KIWI
NFL scores TDS
NHL tiebreakers OTS
Nonspecific quantity ANY
Novel essence PLOT
Ointment ingredient ALOE
One-way sign ARROW
Opening-night regular CRITIC
Opposite of infra- ULTRA
Oral Roberts U. locale OKLA
Parisian pals AMIS
Part of TNT TRI
Peanut product OIL
Piglet of kiddie lit OLIVIA
Polish prose EDIT
Prenatal test, for short AMNIO
Queen of mysteries ELLERY
Read closely (over) PORE
Ref's decision TKO
Remain unsettled PEND
Revered symbol ICON
Rights org. ACLU
Shakespearean title character ROMEO
Shakespearean title character OTHELLO
Sharpshooter's skill AIM
Short trip HOP
Sincere REAL
Skylit lobbies ATRIA
Sly glance LEER
Small handfuls IMPS
Some loaves RYES
Something to assemble KIT
Sounds unhappy SOBS
Spanish-speaking Muppet ROSITA
Stressed type: Abbr. ITAL
Take the wheel STEER
Teamwork obstacle EGO
Tennis-match part SET
Things of all sorts NOUNS
Took out of the box USED
Toots one's own horn BRAGS
Top-shelf AONE
Traveling bag VALISE
Treeless plain STEPPE
UK record label EMI
Vexed mood SNIT
Vicinity AREA
Victimize, with ''on'' PREY
Watch Junior SIT
Went away LEFT
WWII turning point DDAY
X-ray alternative MRI
__ upswing (rising) ONAN
__-European (prototypical language) INDO
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