How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 04 2019

''I'd love to!'' yes
''In other words . . .'' imean
''Me neither'' nori
''Not guilty,'' for one plea
500 sheets of paper ream
A bit open, as a door ajar
Actor Baldwin alec
Actor's part role
Actress Zellweger renee
Admiral's employer navy
Beef or pork meat
Bench or couch seat
Black-and-white cookie oreo
Bookkeeper's book ledger
Canoe or kayak boat
Causing erosion corrosive
Changes the color of dyes
Chatters gabs
Circle segment arc
Cook in a barbecue roast
Cotton-tipped stick swab
Dalmatian marking spot
Decisive defeat rout
Drains of energy saps
Dress smartly preen
Egg-shaped oval
Female choir voice alto
First-learned basics abcs
Flights that have just landed currentarrivals
Fuzzy image blur
Gem in an oyster pearl
Giddy delight glee
Give a darn care
Glamorous party gala
Goes off, as an alarm rings
Grain in sushi rice
Hertz competitor avis
HS senior's exam sat
IRS IDs ssns
Jai __ (fast-moving sport) alai
Lone Ranger's pal tonto
Make a donation give
Mrs. George W. Bush laura
Muscle spasm cramp
Muslims' Almighty allah
No longer fresh stale
Nothing at all nil
Ointment ingredient from wool lanolin
Operate an auto drive
Parakeets and poodles pets
Parisian's ''thank you'' merci
Patronize, as a café eatat
Pool-table surface felt
Prefix meaning ''opposed to'' anti
Private's superior, for short sarge
Reached a high point, as a flood crested
Rips (up) tears
Rocks taken from mines ores
Selective Service classification panel draftboard
Send forth, as a sound emit
Sends, as a radio message transmits
Shade tree elm
Ship's distress call sos
Ship's personnel crew
Sleep in a tent camp
Taco chip dips salsas
Take a break rest
Take pleasure in enjoy
Thomas __ Edison alva
To no __ (useless) avail
Transports via truck hauls
Turn __ a new leaf over
Very hard to find rare
What radiators give off steam
Wicked evil
Would-be rock stars' imaginary instruments airguitars
__ in the woods (innocent ones) babes
__ so (nevertheless) even
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