How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 01 2018

''Antony and Cleopatra'' costumes togas
''Glamour'' alternative elle
''I remember now!'' ohyes
''Poison'' shrub sumac
''Somewhere around there'' orso
''Which of you . . .'' who
10th-century explorer eric
Abundantly alot
Acrobatic agile
Aggressive journalist newshound
All too familiar trite
All too familiar stale
Any thing noun
Aphrodite's little boy eros
Asset plus
Authors, as an article pens
Barefoot combatant kickboxer
Big bovines oxen
Birthday party secret wish
Broadcasting now onair
Bulldoze raze
Certain covert operator ciaagent
Clay of ''American Idol'' aiken
Crumb carrier ant
Extract, as metal from ore smelt
Forbidding grim
French ballroom dance valse
Fully absorbed rapt
Genesis 6 creation ark
Glare reducer tint
Hosp. areas ors
Infantry gear boots
Inner turmoil angst
Jamaican fruit ugli
King of Diamonds depiction axe
Lackey, in Chinese Cold War propaganda runningdog
Last word of the Gilligan theme song isle
Leaf through read
Levelheaded sane
Like 39 Across norse
Noncommittal response perhaps
Noncommittal response maybeso
Oslo royal name olav
Out of kilter awry
Part of some hammers claw
Person in front pacesetter
Podded plants snappeas
Practice piloting, perhaps taxi
Pretended to be at a party wentas
Pub vessel stein
Revlon rival avon
Revlon subsidiary almay
River of Tuscany arno
Schools of thought isms
Sci-fi staples ets
Security image xray
Seller's stipulation asis
Slow flow ooze
Something played in a theater role
Songwriters' org ascap
Sphere starter hemi
Swiss chocolatier lindt
Sworn statement oath
They're ordered at bars and bakeries ryes
Third vice president burr
Toll plaza site exit
Too soon early
Totally wowed agog
Traveler's stop motel
Trustworthy reputable
Type of embankment dike
Unceasingly ever
Unembellished bare
Veggie in risotto recipes radicchio
Villain portrayer in ''Batman Begins'' neeson
Wedded one
Whoop or weep cry
Winter Olympics participant skier
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