How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 26 2016

#1 in PGA Tour career wins SNEAD
'' . . . against __ of troubles'': ''Hamlet'' ASEA
''Benevolent'' brothers ELKS
''Cosmo'' competitor ELLE
''Fattening? Oh grow up'' JOANRIVERS
''Filthy'' money LUCRE
''Great serve, Mom'' ANDREAGASSI
''Have a cow, man'' LISASIMPSON
''I'm not one to miss a day'' CALRIPKENJR
''It Wasn't All Velvet'' autobiographer TORME
''It's my turn!'' IGO
''It's the greatest'' MUHAMMADALI
''Music to my ears'' TAYLORSWIFT
''Now serving'' ANDYRODDICK
''Rich. Rich. Rich. Ahhh'' IVANATRUMP
''The Princess Bride'' star ELWES
''We're such good friends'' (1995, with her sitcom pal) LISAKUDROW
''Your bones may be in jeopardy'' ALEXTREBEK
A bit open AJAR
Actor Diggs TAYE
Actress Rowlands GENA
Administrative branch ARM
Alhambra's city GRANADA
Altar locations APSES
Aphorism ADAGE
App source ITUNES
Arizona pro, for short DBACK
Auspices EGIS
Bagel shapes TORI
Become proficient in MASTER
Begrudged ENVIED
Bike spokes, e.g RADII
Black, to Balzac NOIR
Bolstered, as morale BUOYEDUP
Break up SEVER
Cafeteria lists MENUS
Canvas quarters TENTS
Cell-phone feature AUTODIAL
Cell-phone range, for short UHF
Check writer, in legalese MAKER
Chemistry datum FORMULA
Chickadee cousin TITMOUSE
China services TEASETS
Churchill, partywise TORY
Città circostante il Vaticano ROMA
Colorado resort VAIL
Cook-off creation CHILI
Copier contract, perhaps LEASE
Database operations SORTS
Dissuade DETER
Dragged from the rear TOWED
Eastern European SLAV
Encryptions CODES
Far-from-fussy eater OMNIVORE
Fleecy females EWES
French modern artist MATISSE
French sponge cake BABA
Gallic girlfriend AMIE
Garfield, for one HOUSECAT
Geese complement in a carol SIX
Get moving SCOOT
Get moving BOLT
Get-acquainted party MIXER
Grill residue ASHES
Had a tiff ARGUED
Hand-lotion additive ALOE
Hawks or Falcons, on scoreboards ATL
Held as an enticement DANGLED
Hoop group WNBA
Ill-disposed AVERSE
In charge BOSS
Intuitive feeling VIBE
Kind folks DEARS
Legislative excess PORK
Long skirts MAXIS
Look, in brand names VUE
Loss prevention device IDTAG
Louis-Dreyfus sitcom VEEP
Major outcry STINK
Manner of walking GAIT
More loathsome VILER
Move like a water moccasin CREEP
Neat as __ APIN
Not very well POORLY
Old-fashioned ''Awesome!'' NEATO
On the way out GOING
Original pizza place ITALY
Oscar actress Zellweger RENEE
Overfilled SATIATED
Path to the cashier AISLE
Pay heed HEARKEN
Picnic side dish SLAW
Piercing LOUD
Piercing NOISY
Poetic tributes ODES
Potion portion DOSE
Ration (out) DOLE
Respectful address MADAM
Ripped up TORE
Ruckus ADO
Ruckus STIR
Saintly circles HALOS
Scientist Dame Jane GOODALL
Scoundrels RATS
Sheltered harbor COVE
Shout of denial LIES
Some bout enders TKOS
Some cybermessages EMAIL
Some imported cameras FUJIS
Some sodas COLAS
Specter GHOST
Spread throughout PERMEATE
Standing tall ERECT
Starts to sag TIRES
Sticky situation MORASS
Stops marching HALTS
Story lines ARCS
Subatomic particle BOSON
Suit fabric SERGE
Swim-meet assignments LANES
Throat-culture finding STREP
Took pleasure in RELISHED
Top-drawer PRIMO
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Untrustworthy one SNEAK
Up to it ABLE
Upscale excursion VIPTOUR
Van Gogh's brother THEO
Vocalized ORAL
Was willing to WOULD
Weepy rock genre EMO
Western capital SALEM
What Boyle's Law applies to GASES
Winemaker Carlo ROSSI
With speed APACE
Women with nieces AUNTS
Word of greeting or farewell ALOHA
__ B'rith BNAI
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