How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 14 2009

''Ben-Hur'' costume TUNIC
''On __ Majesty's Secret Service'' HER
''The Pearl of the Antilles'' CUBA
''This __ a drill'' ISNOT
''Trés __!'' BIEN
''__ boy!'' ATTA
'70s-style skirt MINI
32 Across, in Toulon AMI
78 Across acknowledgment IDIG
About 1/4 of a marathon TENK
Actress Merrill DINA
Air-show maneuvers BANKS
Ancient Persian MEDE
Annually AYEAR
Arabian nation YEMEN
Argentine affirmative SISENOR
Argonauts' leader JASON
Arm bone HUMERUS
Artoo __ DETOO
Atelier inventory OILS
Atoll material CORAL
Australian island TASMANIA
Australian pioneer after a buffet meal? FULLERBUSHMAN
Bathtub sponge LOOFA
Beatle surname STARR
Benefits BOONS
Big Apple's favorite bread spread? MAYOOFNEWYORK
Birds' positions at feeding time? BEAKSOPEN
Burden ONUS
Cake decorator ICER
Carrie Fisher's breakout role LEIA
Chatter endlessly RUNON
Classy wheels LIMO
Cohesion UNITY
Columnist's column OPED
Complete reversal UTURN
Computer security threat SPYWARE
Conception IMAGE
Conductor's pages SCORE
Continue to be STAY
Converse CHAT
Do a scribe's work RECOPY
Dog bane FLEA
Dregs LEES
Drill sergeant's syllable HUP
Eager AGOG
Early physics Nobelist MARCONI
Easter entrée HAM
Encouraging word HOORAY
Endo- opposite ECTO
Evian water EAU
Face the pitcher BAT
Fencing swords EPEES
Fine wool ANGORA
Flair ELAN
Floor cleaner DUSTMOP
Folklore creatures GNOMES
Footwear fashion police? SHOEPATROL
Galoots APES
Hereditary ruler KING
High-__ (edgy) STRUNG
Homes for 78 Across PADS
Hotel-door info RATE
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
Introduces, as an ingredient ADDSIN
Israeli folk dance HORA
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Judges DEEMS
Kerouac wannabes BEATNIKS
Last West German chancellor KOHL
Like a Bullet Train FAST
Like fusion food, often ASIAN
Like many first-graders AGESIX
Like Winnie-the-Pooh fans? TIGGERHAPPY
Line on a map ROAD
Little Pig building material STRAW
Live and breathe ARE
Look after SEETO
Loosen UNTIE
Loser to Cleveland in 1884 BLAINE
Lowdown INFO
Lucie's dad DESI
Manner of walking GAIT
Memo abbr. ATTN
Mex. ladies SRAS
Mine contents ORE
Misplaced LOST
More reliable TRUER
More sore ACHIER
Morse code click DIT
Name that means 80 Down REX
National hero of 11 Across MARTI
Nolo contendere, for one PLEA
Not fooled by ONTO
One to hang out with PAL
Opera star Leontyne PRICE
Oversized beer serving? LARGEPINT
Paperless periodicals EMAGS
Past due LATE
Physicist's window treatment? IONCURTAIN
Place LIEU
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Potato-sack material BURLAP
Precisely JUSTSO
Pueblo people HOPI
Quarry PREY
Quick swim DIP
Recline LIE
Regret RUE
Remaining LEFT
Result of a boiler replacement? CHANGEOFHEAT
Rhine city, to natives KOLN
Sartre play NOEXIT
Satchmo's instrument HORN
Setting of ''The Plague'' ORAN
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Some tag players ITS
SSE's opposite NNW
Tech's client USER
The Yankees' home BRONX
Tom Cruise's daughter SURI
Top grade APLUS
Touches ABUTS
Towel term HIS
Trial version BETA
Trouble for a bowler SPLIT
TV-screen choice PLASMA
Two things needed by old-time firefighters? HOSEANDBUGGY
Ugandan dictator AMIN
Waterpik rival ORALB
Weimaraner's warning GRR
West Coast airport SEATAC
What U-238 ultimately becomes LEAD
Where Lawrence fought ARABIA
Wiped out TIRED
Without ice NEAT
__ Cruces, NM LAS
__ Dame NOTRE
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