How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 13 2010

''As if!'' HAH
''Delicious!'' MMM
''Far out!'' RAD
''No doubt about it'' IMSURE
''The Count of Monte __'' CRISTO
''The Joy Luck Club'' author AMYTAN
''This __ sudden!'' ISSO
''West Wing'' Emmy winner ALDA
''__'Clock Jump'' (Basie theme) ONEO
A question of identity WHO
ABA member ATT
Alternate title of the puzzle ISTHEREANECHOINHERE
Aluminum source ORE
Arthur of ''The Golden Girls'' BEA
As compared to THAN
Asian holidays TETS
Atomic trials of the past NTESTS
Babysitter, at times AUNT
Baccarat declaration BANCO
Ballerina's pivot TOE
Beehive State city OREM
Belly GUT
Big cheese st. WISC
Blackjack card ACE
Botanical anchor ROOT
Brainstorm IDEA
Business bigwigs TYCOONS
Business partner, perhaps SON
Buyer's incentive REBATE
Calligrapher's supply INK
Canine complaint BARK
Capek play RUR
Captain's place HELM
Certain Ukrainian ODESSAN
Chest muscle, briefly PEC
Christine of ''Chicago Hope'' LAHTI
CIA forerunner OSS
Competitive side TEAM
Cry of discovery AHA
Czars' collectible FABERGEEGG
Darned things SOCKS
Deep black EBON
Drinks up like Rover LAPSAT
Driver's aid TEE
Encroach (on) IMPINGE
Entomology specimen INSECT
Explorer of India DAGAMA
Farm female EWE
Fashion mag ELLE
Feedbag bit OAT
Felon's flight LAM
Feudal subjects SERFS
Find a partner PAIRUP
Flight descriptor NONSTOP
Floor application WAX
Fond du __ (68 Down city) LAC
Fully ALL
Gen. Pershing's conflict WWI
Georgia Tech's sports org. ACC
Grow more profound DEEPEN
Guy's date GAL
Hibachi residue ASH
Hide-and-seek shout OLLYOLLYOXENFREE
Inc. relative LLC
Intend MEAN
Internet auctioneer EBAY
It means ''air'' ATMO
Italian wine region ASTI
Kind of committee ADHOC
Land in ''la mer'' ILE
Legally responsible LIABLE
Like gasoline, at one time LEADED
Like the acid in limes CITRIC
Little Anthony and the Imperials tune of '60 SHIMMYSHIMMYKOKOBOP
Make real progress GETFAR
Margarine portion PAT
Maritime vortex EDDY
Med.-care providers HMOS
Merchandise attachments TAGS
Mild oath HECK
Monorail car TRAM
Mrs. in Madrid SRA
Museum offering TOUR
Music-hall performer CANCANDANCER
Nabokov novel LOLITA
Napoleonic marshal NEY
Narrowly defeat NIP
Nautical platform MAINTOP
Neither masc. nor neut. FEM
Numbers game LOTTO
Nursery-rhyme starter BAABAABLACKSHEEP
Off the mark AMISS
One-third of an Eastwood title THEBAD
Overdoes it on stage EMOTES
Owns HAS
Pa. neighbor DEL
Panasonic alternatives SANYOS
Parson's residence MANSE
Patronized a bistro ATE
Photo __ (picture-taking sessions) OPS
Polynesian paste POI
Prefix for center EPI
Prepared, as crepes ROLLED
Prepared, as crepes FOLDED
Pro's opponent ANTI
Procedure WAY
Prom attendee TEEN
Range makeup: Abbr. MTNS
Requisite NEED
Rousing cheer HIPHIPHOORAY
Russian denial NYET
Salt additive IODINE
Seasoned sailor TAR
Shade source ELM
Soft metal TIN
Some Winter Olympians ICESKATERS
Soothing application SALVE
Sounds of disgust PAHS
Swiss canton URI
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Thanksgiving dish YAM
They don't break easily HABITS
Three-player card game SKAT
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tiny fraction of a min. NSEC
Trajectory shape ARC
Two-__ (short film) REELER
Typesetting unit PICA
UK record label EMI
Uncommon sense ESP
Unruffled SEDATE
Unwavering STEADY
Valhalla VIP ODIN
VCR setting SLP
Waist pincher CORSET
Warning devices ALARMS
Well-kept TIDY
Where no one loses WINWINSITUATION
Where to work on 128 Acrosses GYM
Work stations DESKS
Young fella LAD
__ Jima IWO
__-Locka, FL OPA
__-Magnon CRO
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