How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 09 2013

''Cool'' sum of money MIL
''Don't worry about me'' IMOK
''I dunno'' GOTME
''Inferno'' author DANTE
''One way'' symbol ARROW
''That's incredible'' GEE
''That's obvious!'' NODUH
''That's strange'' ODD
'60s-'70s war zone NAM
2016 Olympics site RIO
A First Daughter MALIA
Absurd SILLY
Aerosol output MIST
Aliases, and a hint to the puzzle's theme ASSUMEDIDENTITIES
Allows LETS
Altar avowal IDO
Ancient storyteller AESOP
Appear indistinctly LOOM
Arguments against CONS
Assigned part ROLE
Bake-sale orgs PTAS
Bangor resident MAINER
Barbecue morsel RIB
Be gaga over ADORE
Be visibly embarrassed BLUSH
Big galoots BRUISERS
Blog messages POSTS
Buck's mate DOE
Bummed out SAD
Capture TAKE
Casino cube DIE
Catchall abbr ETC
Chat-room ''I think'' IMO
Chess side WHITE
Chop finely MINCE
Cobwebby place ATTIC
Confessed, with ''up'' OWNED
Connection TIE
Cooking oils, e.g.? HOTLIPIDS
Cut of meat SHANK
Dangerous place to raft? BADRAPIDS
Definite article THE
Disc-shaped vitamins PILLS
Dolly wheel CASTER
Double agents MOLES
Downy duck EIDER
Early hrs AMS
Element #5 BORON
Euro fraction CENT
Examination TEST
Far from spicy BLAND
Farm measure ACRE
First pope PETER
First-discovered asteroid CERES
Fits together well MESHES
G. Gordon of Watergate LIDDY
Go astray SIN
Grand view VISTA
Having what it takes ABLE
Homeric epic ILIAD
Ill temper IRE
In the heart of AMID
In the past AGO
Junction points NODES
Just before the weekend? FRIDAYATTHEEDGE
Lawn in rolls SOD
Leather on the hoof? HIDESALIVE
List-ending abbr ETAL
Literary twists IRONIES
Lobbying org PAC
Major '40s box-office draw COSTELLO
Make a fool of DUPE
Make fun of MOCK
Make sense ADDUP
McCain running mate PALIN
Med overseer: Abbr FDA
Miscue ERROR
Monstro, in ''Pinocchio'' WHALE
Nonsensical talk JIVE
Nursery buy SEED
Old-__ (nostalgic) TIMEY
On one's toes ALERT
On the up-and-up LICIT
One's best effort, so to speak AGAME
Orchestra section OBOES
Personnel manager, at times HIRER
Pickler's need DILL
Piece of the action SLICE
Pizza orders PIES
Place for a sports team's cigars? LOCKERROOMHUMIDOR
Place-name ender VILLE
Planet, poetically ORB
Polar phenomenon AURORA
Poorly ILL
Prescribed amounts DOSES
Pries (into) NOSES
Printer's blue hue CYAN
Pro-shop set IRONS
Puerto Rican port PONCE
Pupil's locale IRIS
Purple shade MAUVE
Put forward POSED
Reliable expert ACE
Religious belief CREED
Rice source PADDY
San Antonio attraction ALAMO
School communication device INTERCOM
Set one's sights AIMED
Shakers et al SECTS
Slalom gear SKIPOLES
Slow leak DRIP
Small package PARCEL
Snaky shape ESS
Soda bottle size LITER
Soup servers LADLES
Spiny plants CACTI
Square footage AREA
Stare at OGLE
Stick like glue ADHERE
Subatomic particle MUON
Suggest strongly URGE
Supported UPHELD
Swindler's aide SHILL
Taken-aback response INEVER
Tech support caller USER
Troublesome kid IMP
Turner of CNN TED
Twiddles one's thumbs IDLES
Urban transport CAB
VCR button REW
Vote seeker, for short POL
What we have here THIS
When spring ends JUNE
Wild equine ASS
Williams' voice in ''Aladdin'' GENIE
Wiser, perhaps OLDER
Wood-shop tool HANDSAW
Worshiped ones IDOLS
Young lady LASS
YouTube contents, for short VIDS
__ asst ADMIN
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