How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 04 2014

''. . . __ iron bars a cage'' NOR
''Casual'' workday: Abbr FRI
''Much __ About Nothing'' ADO
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
Actor Tommy __ Jones LEE
Alley howler CAT
Annie Warbucks, formerly ORPHAN
Babysitter's challenge IMP
Badge-wearing group POLICE
Bailiwicks AREAS
Battleship designation USS
Be wild about LOVE
Britain's Isle of __ MAN
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Careful use of words TACT
Carouse, as a youth SOWONESWILDOATS
Carry on carelessly PAINTTHETOWNRED
Clamor DIN
Clobber BELT
Closing in on NEARING
Coloring agent DYE
Cooking meas TSP
Cost of courses TUITION
Crunchy ice-cream addition OREO
Danish physicist Niels BOHR
Dried (off) TOWELED
Driving force MOTIVE
Elaborate parties FETES
Fable source AESOP
Facts and figures DATA
Fence of bushes HEDGE
First full fall mo OCT
Flinty-eyed STEELY
Fuzzy images BLURS
Gain access ENTER
Garish LOUD
Gets on a soapbox ORATES
Go on a spree WHOOPITUP
Granola morsel OAT
H.S. auxiliary PTA
Had top billing STARRED
Half of hex- TRI
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Homebuilder's boxful NAILS
Ill-fated DOOMED
Impersonal pronoun ITS
Launching place PAD
Legendary toymaker ELF
Made public AIRED
Makes illegal BANS
Minor fender damage DENTS
MPG rater EPA
Newborn frog TADPOLE
Note at the office MEMO
Part of the eye IRIS
Propel a canoe ROW
Radioer's ''OK'' ROGER
Research venue: Abbr INST
Right-angle shape ELL
Robin Hood's hangout FOREST
Small fly GNAT
Something to 7 Down with PADDLE
Stare in surprise GAPE
Stood up AROSE
Succulent plant ALOE
Suffix for stock or block ADE
Tanker cargo OIL
Tax-filing month APRIL
Traffic jam TIEUP
Trumpet plug MUTE
Vote into office ELECT
Was in the red OWED
Was wild about ADORED
Wear a long face POUT
Yellow melon CASABA
__ Carta MAGNA
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