How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 28 2011

''CSI'' evidence DNA
''Destiny,'' to ''density'' ANAGRAM
'80s Chinese leader DENG
Actress Ward SELA
Add together TOTUP
Airport rental LIMO
AL team, on scoreboards TOR
Astronaut's concern GFORCE
Avarice GREED
Barbarian BRUTE
Baseball star's nickname AROD
Blockbuster film of 2009 AVATAR
Boating areas LAKES
Bowler's stat. AVG
Bulletin-board posting NOTICE
Ceiling feature, perhaps FAN
Celebrity who's who ALIST
Concerning INRE
Corn concoction PONE
Cube inventor Rubik ERNO
Cyclist BIKER
Dab gently BLOT
Decisive defeat ROUT
Deep Purple tune of '72 SMOKEONTHEWATER
Desertlike ARID
Disneyland shuttle TRAM
Elusive kids' book character WALDO
Elvis tune of '72 BURNINGLOVE
Every other hurricane HER
Examination TEST
Fencing blade EPEE
Free from anxiety EASE
Genesis villain CAIN
Get better HEAL
Give consent (to) ACCEDE
GMC van model SAVANA
Golfer's concern LIE
Grain storehouse SILO
Had to have NEEDED
Helper, for short ASST
Homer Simpson neighbor NED
Imperfection FLAW
In the style of ALA
Invasive vine KUDZU
Italian wine region ASTI
James Taylor tune of '70 FIREANDRAIN
Jon Bon Jovi tune of '90 BLAZEOFGLORY
Least trained RAWEST
Like some questions YESNO
Luau instrument UKE
Neighbor of Greece ALBANIA
Office plant FERN
Ordinal ending ETH
Part of RSVP SIL
Part of some deer diets ACORN
PD alerts APBS
Perfect score, perhaps TEN
Perpetual exerciser GYMRAT
Petty criticisms NITS
Phila. clock setting EST
Poker declaration IMIN
Power source of a sort STEAM
Prego competitor RAGU
Prophetic signs OMENS
Reebok rival ETONIC
Response to ''Gracias'' DENADA
Rocks in a bar ICE
San Francisco feature BAY
Shout, with ''out'' CALL
Star's rep AGENT
Suffix for stock ADE
Three, in Capri TRE
Tizzy SNIT
Tune heard in ''Saturday Night Fever'' DISCOINFERNO
Was on the ballot RAN
Welterweight stats KOS
__-TASS (Russian news agency) ITAR
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