How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 27 2018

''Fiddler on the Roof'' village shtetl
''Look __ ye leap'' ere
''Now I get it!'' ohh
''Now I get it!'' ahyes
''Thanks anyway'' noneed
''The Metamorphosis'' hero samsa
18-Grammy instrumentalist yoyoma
Absolute ruler emperor
Adorable baby cutiepie
Anagram of THE CLAIMS alchemist
Anagram of THE CLASSROOMS schoolmasters
Anagram of THE CLOVER chevrolet
Anagram of THE HINGE heighten
Anagram of THE PLANE elephant
Battle-ready armed
Bottled (up) pent
Capital near the Missouri River helena
Car-collecting comedian leno
Cattle drive runaway strayer
Colonial town employee cryer
Continuing, on street signs thru
Deep western lake tahoe
Earthy colour ochre
Era of a dynasty reign
European national starter italo
Fake fat brand olean
Ferret out detect
Firms up sets
Frat letters thetas
Frederik of sci-fi pohl
Hardly scintillating dry
Hasten away scurry
Home vessel pan
How some debts are settled incash
Kitchen descriptor eatin
Latter-day dance parties raves
Lawyer's hurdle statebar
No man, per Donne island
Nutmeg State student eli
Olympic swimsuit brand speedo
One of California's Santas rosa
One preventing net gains goalie
Org. with many specialists ama
Organic gel aloe
Oscar-nominated role for Smith ali
Pile in some pails sand
Plane wing parts ailerons
Purplish-red claret
Purviews realms
Refuse to yield insist
Ren Faire bring-alongs lances
Sandwich bread of a sort pita
Seafood selection scallops
Seasonal song noel
Sense of disquiet angst
Silent movie miner dopey
Skinny swimmers eels
Something to skip rope
Source for ''the latest'' since 1980 cnn
Southwestern NBAers suns
Stable diet oats
Took down in the woods axed
Treat, as the soil aerate
Trial recitation oath
Typical use for dips nosh
Uncommonly extra
Upscale spread pate
USCG rank ens
Water bordering four states erie
Weigh in opine
Wernher's one ein
What an orchestra tunes to oboe
Wood fragment chip
__-tyme olde
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