How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 22 2012

''Choose any of these'' TAKEYOURPICK
''Fantasia'' frames CELS
''Fingers crossed!'' HOPESO
''Golden'' dog LAB
''Rules of Engagement'' actor DAVIDSPADE
''Same here'' ASAMI
''Spider-Man'' series director RAIMI
''Strawberry'' color BLOND
''Top Hat'' tapper ASTAIRE
''You __ kidding!'' ARENT
A wee hr ONEAM
Acropolis attractions RUINS
Animal shelter POUND
Any ''Jurassic Park'' dinosaur CLONE
Appetizers from 57 Across TAPAS
Apt. feature, in ads EIK
As a companion ALONG
Astound DAZE
Bakery machine SLICER
Bamboozle DUPE
Bamboozle CON
Barber's concern SCALP
Basic cable channel TBS
Bell sound CLANG
Box with headgear, maybe SPAR
Brew, as tea INFUSE
Buffett's hometown OMAHA
By means of PER
Can't stomach DETEST
Cartridge filler AMMO
Catches red-handed NABS
Celtic priest DRUID
Chamber work OCTET
Chicago neighborhood THELOOP
Citi Field player NYMET
Come upon MEET
Conclude, with ''up'' SEW
Cookie since 1912 OREO
Cordial flavoring ANISE
Corporation designation INC
Critical review PAN
Crow's-nest site MAST
Cup lip BRIM
Currier's partner IVES
Cushion PAD
Dam site LAKE
Datebook entry: Abbr APPT
Deal in SELL
Demeanors MIENS
Derisive cry HAH
Diacritical mark TILDE
Diminutive suffix LET
Don't take no for an answer PRESS
Downhill runner SLED
Droll one WAG
Edmonton hrs MST
Empathic phrase ICARE
Employee dossier PERSONNELFILE
Enthusiasm VIM
Enthusiasm ARDOR
Equine parent SIRE
Eroded EATEN
Extract by force WREST
Faint amount TRACE
Far from abundant SPARSE
Fills with cargo LADES
Frat letter EPSILON
From Cardiff WELSH
Fruit-filled wine SANGRIA
Funny money SLUGS
Gain entrance to ACCESS
Geologist's fault RIFT
Greek liqueur OUZO
Green shade OLIVE
Hosp. professionals RNS
In a boorish way RUDELY
In mint condition UNUSED
Italian cheese ROMANO
Jellied garnish ASPIC
Jiffy SEC
Judges and juries TRIERS
Kid's assembly MODELPLANE
Lawn mower's home SHED
Letterhead art LOGO
Loud quarrel ROW
Makes certain ASSURES
Marina del __, CA REY
Most of Iberia SPAIN
Pack away STORE
Pavlov subject DROOLER
Payable DUE
Practiced, as a trade PLIED
Pro Bowl side NFC
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Ragú rival PREGO
Ralph of fashion LAUREN
Red-alert warning THISISNODRILL
Refuse to compromise INSIST
Repaired, as a page TAPED
Ring around a lagoon ATOLL
Rio's land BRAZIL
Russia's __ Mountains URAL
Scared, in Shakespeare AFEARD
School kid's status GRADELEVEL
Sends forth EMITS
Sign of a sellout SRO
Sistine Chapel depiction ADAM
Sistine Chapel depiction EVE
Slimmed down, perhaps DIETED
Slips away from ELUDES
Small portion SLIVER
Smile on BLESS
Sofa parts ARMS
South Seas wrap SARONG
Sparkling wine source ASTI
Spillane sleuth MIKEHAMMER
Sponge opening PORE
Spots on dice PIPS
St. crosser AVE
Street performer of yore ORGANGRINDER
Strong-willed IRON
Swelling treatment ICEBAG
Take a nibble of TASTE
Take to court SUE
Tax-deferred plans IRAS
Teamwork obstacles EGOS
The works ALL
Top of the head PATE
Trims back on PARES
UN Plaza display FLAGS
Vintner's valley NAPA
Visionary SEER
Vital sign PULSE
Voters since 1920 WOMEN
Water, in Juarez AGUA
Way onto a highway RAMP
Wise counsel ORACLE
Wish undone RUE
Wok, essentially SKILLET
Workout unit REP
Yo-Yo Ma, e.g CELLIST
Zilch NIL
Zoo houseful APES
__ INSIDE (convenience store sign) ATM
__ legs (quadruped's pair) HIND
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