How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 17 2006

''Fine by me!'' OKAY
''So long!'' BYE
''That makes sense'' ISEE
'50s Ford EDSEL
Above, in verse OER
Actor Gibson MEL
Actor Sal MINEO
Arranged, as hair COMBED
Artists' caps BERETS
Badminton barriers NETS
Bees' home HIVE
Bone-dry ARID
Broad smile GRIN
Chess corner piece ROOK
China's continent ASIA
Company emblem LOGO
Cook too long OVERDO
Decline to participate SAYNO
Desirable quality ASSET
Diarist __ Frank ANNE
Did a salon treatment PERMED
Die down ABATE
Disappear quickly VANISH
Egg-shaped OVAL
Erie or Superior LAKE
Excitingly fast-paced SLAMBANG
Fishing pole ROD
French holy women: Abbr. STES
Frisbees and tiddlywinks DISKS
General Grant's opposite LEE
Get away from ELUDE
Ghost's shout BOO
Grain-storage building SILO
Hair knot TANGLE
Haphazard method TRIALANDERROR
Hawaiian necklace LEI
High-IQ group MENSA
Hockey great Gretzky WAYNE
Hot drink TEA
Hurricane center EYE
Ice-cream parlor offering SUNDAE
January birthstone GARNET
Long story SAGA
Low grades DEES
Make a left, perhaps TURN
Mementos from the past RELICS
Muffin toppings OLEOS
Mystical glow AURA
Numerical fact, for short STAT
Old-fashioned transportation HORSEANDBUGGY
Orchestra section BRASS
Part of a vise CLAMP
Place to park LOT
Play-__ (kiddie clay) DOH
Quote, as a reference source CITE
Ragtime dances ONESTEPS
Recipe amt. TSP
Religious group SECT
Right now ATONCE
Shade tree ELM
Sheltered inlet COVE
Shopping aids LISTS
Single-helix molecule RNA
Small songbird WREN
Smooth out EVEN
Steakhouse handout MENU
Strange ODD
Submarine detector SONAR
Swapped TRADED
Talk back to SASS
Talk too much GAB
Texas city ELPASO
They say ''I do'' BRIDEANDGROOM
Train station DEPOT
Wide tie ASCOT
Window ledges SILLS
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