How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 14 2009

''Very funny!'' HAHA
As much as possible TOTHEHILT
Baker's cookie quantity BATCH
Be very thrifty SKIMP
Beehive product HONEY
Beer mug STEIN
Betrays, as a felon RATSON
Bride or groom phrase IDO
Bullfight cheers OLES
Calms down GETSAGRIP
Charged atom ION
Come to pass HAPPEN
Consider DEEM
Corp. bigwigs CEOS
Cultural, as cuisine ETHNIC
Do damage to HARM
Doing nothing IDLE
Dr. Jekyll's alter ego MRHYDE
Dry as a desert ARID
Earthling HUMAN
Enjoy a newspaper READ
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
First in line NEXT
French city, slangily PAREE
Game tile with white dots DOMINO
Gets married WEDS
Gig for a soprano OPERA
Give off EMIT
Great riches WEALTH
Gush, as a volcano ERUPT
Gush, as a volcano SPEW
Hawaiian hello ALOHA
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Husband or wife MATE
Informal greeting HIYA
Map book ATLAS
Men-only parties STAGS
Merely ONLY
Metered vehicle TAXI
Moves just a bit BUDGES
Mystical glow AURA
Nebraska city OMAHA
Nile queen's nickname CLEO
One's weekly pay WAGES
Otherwise ELSE
Paper-rip repairer TAPE
Part of the eye IRIS
Picnic pests ANTS
Portrait holder FRAME
Prepare, as a present BOXUP
Provide for free, for short COMP
Quaint oath EGAD
Remind too much NAG
Resist boldly DEFY
Ripped TORN
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Saudi, for instance ARAB
Short haircuts BOBS
Sounds of satisfaction AHS
Spring months MAYS
Stare at OGLE
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Suitable for dieters LOWFAT
Theater productions PLAYS
Thumbs-up vote YES
Too confident SMUG
TV emcee Trebek ALEX
Unlikely to bite TAME
Variety of pear BOSC
Walking speed PACE
Wall Street org. NYSE
Your sister's son NEPHEW
Ziti or ravioli PASTA
__ and mean (efficient) LEAN
__ now (so far) UPTO
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