How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 08 2009

''Blowin' in the Wind'' writer DYLAN
''Born Free'' lioness ELSA
''m,'' to Einstein MASS
401(k) alternative IRA
Absolutely nothing NIL
Aerobic bit STEP
Agent's take FEE
Ark terminus ARARAT
Barn bird OWL
Baseball great Ryan NOLAN
Blissful spot EDEN
Brit's radial TYRE
British brews ALES
Butler's love OHARA
Celebratory night EVE
Choice word ELSE
Chopped down HEWED
Clone, for instance COPY
Colonel Sanders' beard GOATEE
Cowardly Lion player LAHR
Cuban leader Castro RAUL
Done in mosaic TILED
Fictional skater Brinker HANS
Filet fish SOLE
Flier to Israel ELAL
Fruit in an Aesop fable SOURGRAPES
Get blubbery CRY
Go ballistic RAGE
Goof ERR
Got 100 on ACED
Green land ERIN
Guesstimate phrase ORSO
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Impulse URGE
In great shape TONED
Indiana city GARY
Is in the hole OWES
Jury member PEER
Just fair SOSO
Lamb alias ELIA
Lean-to SHED
Like ghost towns DESERTED
Like Siberian winters BITTERCOLD
Lobster relative CRAB
Long story TALE
Melt ingredient TUNA
Meryl of ''Doubt'' STREEP
Minnesota iron range MESABI
Mix together STIR
Musher's transport SLED
Nary a soul NOONE
Obliterate ERASE
On cloud nine ELATED
Oodles ALOT
Paddock baby FOAL
Peachy SWELL
Recent Peace Nobelist GORE
Red-tag event SALE
Remark of the awed OOH
Sailor's speech, supposedly SALTYLANGUAGE
Sheltered inlet COVE
Sly tactic RUSE
Sponge opening PORE
Stretched tight TAUT
Surpassing OVER
Taunting challenge DARE
Threaded fastener SCREW
Toledo's lake ERIE
Used a stun gun on TASERED
Walk unsteadily TEETER
Walt Kelly strip POGO
Wander around ROVE
Where to plant bulbs TULIPBED
Whispered endearments SWEETNOTHINGS
Wise one SAGE
Wobbled while in motion WAGGLED
__ instant (at once) INAN
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