How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 08 2005

''For __ sake!'' PETES
''I'm game!'' LETS
''Rock'' word form PETRO
''Zounds!'' EGAD
A few SOME
Actress Beckinsale KATE
Alaskan island KODIAK
Ambulance grp. EMS
At full gallop APACE
Australian export OPAL
Bard's time EEN
Be down with HAVE
Bluish green TEAL
Brutish sort BEAST
Business sign abbr. ESTD
Central point GIST
Ceramic piece TILE
Chris __ Lloyd EVERT
Colombian city CALI
Contemporary of Irving and Jerome COLE
Continuing TV show SERIES
Daughter of the Reagans PATTIDAVIS
Decides (on) RULES
Dull as dishwater DRAB
Flame fancier MOTH
Food for whales PLANKTON
Frank-and-beans concoctions CHILIDOGS
G-man or T-man FED
Get new weaponry REARM
Greek letters KAPPAS
Green soup SPLITPEA
Grow fond of TAKETO
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Half of hexa- TRI
Hoofer for hire TAXIDANCER
Houston pro ASTRO
Jam-pack LOAD
Junction points NODES
Kitchen rack array SPICES
Kofi __ Annan ATTA
Lab culture container PETRIDISH
Make a face MUG
Mediator's skill TACT
More off-the-wall ODDER
Old saw ADAGE
On a slant ATILT
Oodles ALOT
Pants part SEAT
Place to trade MART
Poacher's need? EGGS
Profile part JAW
Put a strain on TAXED
Race segment LAP
Recurring theme MOTIF
Ref's decision TKO
REO builder OLDS
Sat for a shot POSED
See socially DATE
Shove off LEAVE
Sleuth Wolfe NERO
Smelter input ORES
Some jeans LEVIS
Steinbeck surname JOAD
Sweater synthetic ORLON
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Toast topper OLEO
Tobago's partner TRINIDAD
Tumblers' surfaces MATS
Unlikely SLIM
Unruffled one's nickname ICEMAN
Unwanted plant WEED
Vaulter's need POLE
What you're finding now SOLUTION
Wine valley NAPA
Wood finish STAIN
Year-end event PROM
__ cholesterol SERUM
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