How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 30 2014

''Bolero'' composer RAVEL
''Chocolate'' dog LAB
''Malcolm X'' director SPIKELEE
''Meet the Press'' network NBC
''NewsHour'' network PBS
''Oh, sure'' IBET
''See ya!'' BYE
''Simpsons'' grandpa ABE
''The King and I'' locale SIAM
''__ Mio'' OSOLE
90-degree shapes ELLS
Alternating turns on racecourses ESSES
Be worthy of RATE
Big name in library science DEWEY
Bob Cratchit's job CLERK
Chat-room administrator SYSOP
Cheesemaking by-product WHEY
Circle dances HORAS
Code-cracking org NSA
Coll. senior's test GRE
Deceive and delay STRINGALONG
Display stand EASEL
Do road work PAVE
Dojo discipline KARATE
Drug agent NARC
Endorses OKS
Engineering school, for short TECH
Exile from Eden EVE
George H.W. Bush alma mater YALEU
German sausages, informally BRATS
Green land ERIN
Grow molars TEETHE
Guffaw ROAR
Illegal mailing CHAINLETTER
Impressive assemblage GALAXY
Jacuzzi nozzle JET
Knitting pattern CABLESTITCH
Labor Dept. arm OSHA
Leave at a pawnshop HOCK
Lyon lasses: Abbr MLLES
Madame Curie's hometown WARSAW
Made a move MIGRATED
Manual reader USER
Military vet EXGI
Mimics a mouse GNAWS
Miss Marple JANE
Nerve-cell part AXON
Nom de plume ALIAS
One-celled creatures AMEBAS
Ostrich cousin RHEA
Part of Parisian plays ACTE
Pedometer's starting point OOO
Plethora SLEW
Pour on the theatrics EMOTE
Preserve SAVE
Recedes EBBS
Red Muppet ELMO
Reserved and rational SOBER
Second sight ESP
Semester enders EXAMS
Serious wrongdoing CRIME
Sharp and stimulating BRISK
Some kinfolk NIECES
Store on board STOW
Striped cat TABBY
Subway slogan EATFRESH
Toot one's own horn BOAST
Volunteer's offer ILLGO
Waterlogged WET
Web browser SURFER
Wedding settings ALTARS
Where K2 is ASIA
Wranglers rival LEVIS
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