How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 28 2010

''As if!'' NEVER
''Carmen ''selection ARIA
''CSI ''clue DNA
''Exodus'' author URIS
''Fernando'' band ABBA
''Song of the South ''ditty ZIPADEEDOODAH
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Astronaut wear GSUIT
Baltic, et al. SEAS
Basketball-broadcast phrase NOTHINGBUTNET
Begs off DEMURS
Behave (oneself) DEPORT
Biblical weapon SLING
Bishop's domain SEE
Box-office duds BOMBS
Bring together UNITE
Broken, in a way TAME
Cause jaws to drop AMAZE
Certain details SPECS
Check record STUB
Closet contents, maybe LINEN
Clownish ZANY
Detroit-based grp. UAW
Devoured ATEUP
Division term INTO
Easy gait TROT
Ecological GREEN
Engine part CAM
European volcano ETNA
Former Russian orbiter MIR
Got soaked, perhaps BATHED
High point ACME
Jousting weapon LANCE
Keyboard key ALT
Laugh-track snippet HAHA
Like thrift-store wares USED
Make amends REPENT
Melodious Horne LENA
Memo abbr. ATTN
Microencapsulation technology SCRATCHANDSNIFF
Midmorning TEN
Monogram pt. INIT
Morse code symbols DOTS
Nomad's abode TENT
Not suitable INAPT
NYSE watchdog SEC
Oklahoma city ENID
One with leads SALESMAN
Ore carts TRAMS
Out-and-out SHEER
Panache DASH
Prepare presents WRAP
Protein acid AMINO
Quick look GLANCE
Ready to serve, say DONE
Really dig ADORE
Secret meeting TRYST
Sing one's own praises BRAG
Social outing DATE
Southernmost of a wet quintet ERIE
Stews (over) AGONIZES
Textbook section UNIT
Tranquility PEACE
Turner of media fame TED
Umpire's call SAFE
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Vocal range TENOR
Water cooler ICE
Water-power agcy. TVA
Weathered away ERODED
Widespread RIFE
Word of affection DEAR
Works on the books EDITS
Zine on-line EMAG
__ voce SOTTO
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