How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 27 2019

''Are you ordering me to?'' musti
''Friends'' fellow ross
''I Love Lucy'' landlady ethel
''Read 'em'' partner weep
''Same as above,'' in footnotes ibid
''Shaq Attaq'' hoopster oneal
''Yeah, sure!'' ibet
2/3/19, for Super Bowl LIII gameday
Abacus parts beads
About six trillion mi ltyr
Address for Hitchcock sir
Adored ones idols
Almond color tan
Amplify boost
Anatomical pouches sacs
Aquarium fish tetra
Arthur __ Stadium (US Open venue) ashe
Artist Magritte rene
B, to Niels Bohr boron
Be compatible geton
Befit suit
Behind schedule late
Benumb deaden
Big name in brewing busch
Breakfasts or lunches eats
Briny expanse sea
Brit's 54 Down lead
Brit's subway underground
Brittany city nantes
Brown songbirds wrens
Bucks dinero
Buy __ (believe) into
Carbonated beverage ale
Chance spectator bystander
Chanel of fashion coco
Civil engineering project dam
Clatter noise
Cleo's craft barge
College military grp rotc
Contract negotiator agent
Country singer Rimes leann
Cupid alias eros
Current setting in DC est
Davis Cup org usta
Dispirited downhearted
Do not exist arent
Dog harness attachment leash
Doing nothing idle
Doing nothing atrest
Draw __ in the sand aline
Dutch South African boer
Electric cars teslas
Elhi support group pta
Employee at many 1 Down masseur
Fathered sired
Fenced-in farm area sty
Fictional Frome ethan
Fight off repel
Finds a job for uses
First acrylic fiber orlon
Flee, so to speak bail
Foot of wood ruler
Form an alliance unite
Former employer for both Apple founders atari
Former-attic dwelling loft
Frat letters sigmas
Generator production power
Get wind of hear
Groundhog, at first or at last hardg
Have a sit-down meet
Healthful resort spas
How you were raised upbringing
Initial advice for a snoop myob
Italian master poet dante
Jasper of abstract art johns
John Deere logo beast stag
Judge's workload cases
L.A. school usc
Legit aboveboard
Lendl of tennis ivan
Lenient forgiving
Longstanding misconceptions myths
Looks to the future plans
Masters at one-liners riots
Maximum production rate throughput
Milne marsupial roo
Minimal progress dent
Minimal quantity one
Minister's nickname rev
Mississippi's state flower magnolia
Moral principles ethos
Myopic nearsighted
Not exactly, conversationally sorta
Not quite shut ajar
November honoree vet
Obtains from effort reaps
Old West caravan wagons
Old-style ''Awesome!'' rad
Overly inventive person liar
Overwhelm with one-liners slay
Paycheck deduction withholding
Play place stage
Poetic preposition ere
Poor review pan
Prefix like ''ante-'' pre
Pro __ (proportionally) rata
Pronounce poorly slur
Prop in Road Runner cartoons anvil
Put off defer
Python cousin boa
Ranch strays dogies
Resources means
Rio beach copa
Rugged rock crag
Seller of flat-package furniture ikea
Sikorsky of aviation igor
Sit for a portrait pose
Slate, for short sched
Slow leaks drips
Slow tempo lento
Small sums mites
Smudge-filled smeary
Something to shampoo rug
Speed limit legislation statelaw
Springtime period thaw
Stare at ogle
Stick fast adhere
Struck down, in the Bible smote
Surveyor's measure acre
Target-shooting sport skeet
Tequila cocktail, for short rita
They're shouted loud by a crowd boos
Think-tank guys ideamen
TV news time eleven
Urban renewal target slum
Very long time ages
Wall bracket shapes els
Was a cast member of actedin
Web-crawling software bots
Well-worn pencil nub
Wharton awards mbas
Where MDs and RNs work ors
Witch hazel, e.g aftershave
Written reminder note
__ Nevadas (Mount Whitney's range) sierra
__-carotene beta
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