How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 27 2013

''Captain Blood'' star ERROLFLYNN
''Certainement!'' OUI
''Cinderfella'' star JERRYLEWIS
''Garfield'' dog ODIE
''Gone With the Wind'' star CLARKGABLE
''Grapes of Wrath'' star HENRYFONDA
''However . . .'' THATSAID
''Les Miz'' source HUGO
''Me too!'' SODOI
''Network'' Oscar winner PETERFINCH
''Play It Again, Sam'' star WOODYALLEN
''Shark Tank'' airer ABCTV
''The King's Speech'' star COLINFIRTH
'40s portrayer of Dr. Watson NIGELBRUCE
1970s James Bond ROGERMOORE
25 Across' role RHETT
Accomplishments DEEDS
Accounting procedure AUDIT
Action film highlight CHASE
Actors' workplaces FILMSETS
Admit defeat CONCEDE
Alaskan native INUIT
Albertan's anthem OCANADA
Always, in verse EER
Aroma ODOR
Aspect FACET
Aspen accessory SKIPOLE
Barbarians SAVAGES
Big East team, for short UCONN
Boston NBAer CELT
Bullfighters' needs CAPES
Bundle of grain SHEAF
Car for hire TAXI
Catastrophic RUINOUS
Caterpillar competitor DEERE
Chopin piece ETUDE
Clean up, as software DEBUG
Climbers' destinations SUMMITS
Cockney or Cantabrigian BRIT
Coffee break time TEN
Comedian Silverman SARAH
Conclude shooting WRAP
Creatively pretentious ARTSY
Current style VOGUE
Dandy dresser FOP
DC baseballers NATS
Designer Mizrahi ISAAC
Destroy gradually ERODE
Dictatorial boss OGRE
Digital recording device TIVO
Disclosed BARED
Doctrinal statements CREDOS
Documentarian Burns KEN
Doubly TWICE
Dually owned JOINT
Element #10 NEON
Enthusiastic approval ACCLAIM
Epic including the Trojan Horse ILIAD
Expanse AREA
Eye color locale IRIS
Falcon's gripper TALON
Far from hither YON
Fifth-century pope LEOII
Freight haulers VANS
French fashion mag ELLE
Fritter away WASTE
Fund-raising directive GIVE
Furthest from the bow AFTMOST
Gem measure CARAT
Genesis craft ARK
Give an address ORATE
Grandfather clock sound CHIME
Great London Fire chronicler PEPYS
Gulf of __ (water north of Somalia) ADEN
Hold responsible BLAME
Hot springs SPAS
Impresses greatly AWES
Intrinsically PERSE
Introduce, with ''out'' TROT
Joel or Ethan of Hollywood COEN
Keats creations ODES
Kemper of ''The Office'' ELLIE
Less than confident CHARY
Lower oneself DEIGN
Madcap ZANY
Make stuff up LIE
May 8, 1945 VEDAY
Money in Malta EURO
Musical talent EAR
Nautical direction APORT
Newcomer to the payroll HIREE
Obstinate equines ASSES
Old-time oath ZOUNDS
Onetime Indian leader NEHRU
Out of __ (testy) SORTS
Outcomes ENDS
Pastoral poem IDYLL
Pear varieties BOSCS
Pedicurist's target CALLUS
Pet shop purchases LEASHES
Piece of the action SHARE
Pig food SLOP
Piquant, as wit SALTY
PlayStation alternative XBOX
Polishes prose EDITS
Prevents entry to BARS
Proofreader's marks STETS
Quaint stopovers INNS
Racing boat SCULL
Rage IRE
Regional plants FLORA
Reproachful sound TSK
Risky business, for short SPEC
Rod attachment REEL
Seems improper SMELLS
Sense of self EGO
Shakespearean sprite PUCK
Sharp tugs YANKS
Short-winded TERSE
Significant span ERA
Solicits from ASKS
Son of Seth ENOS
Sporting blades EPEES
Spy's acquisition, for short INTEL
Star of the first ''Footloose'' KEVINBACON
Sty cries OINKS
Sustenance, so to speak BREAD
Swatch rival TIMEX
Swatch rival SEIKO
T-shirt size SMALL
Tact or poise, e.g ASSET
Tattered RATTY
Tinker Bell, for one FAIRY
Top of the head PATE
Transportation Dept. agency FAA
Type of sweater KNIT
Uncanny EERIE
Uplift RAISE
Vitamin C source ROSEHIP
Waits patiently SITS
Wally of cookiedom AMOS
Where Little Havana is MIAMI
Winona of ''Mermaids'' RYDER
Young stallions COLTS
__ Field (NY Mets' home) CITI
__ plaid (checked pattern) GLEN
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