How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 25 2018

''American Hunter'' publisher nra
''How cute is that?'' aww
''Render __ Caesar . . .'' unto
Academic types phds
Bard-based Verdi opera otello
Booming laughs roars
Bothered incessantly ateat
Bring forth educe
Business card abbr tel
Butterfly-attracting flower phlox
Cardio workout option taebo
Certain PGA tourney proam
Charge before extras baserate
College key letter phi
Common bug beetle
Company keeping case files lawfirm
Complete in every way fullblown
Continents, for instance septet
Cool dessert sherbet
Creative pursuits arts
Deep-seated inner
Donut shapes, in math tori
Drew to a close ended
Eminent wellknown
Essence of a ''butter'' peanut
Essence of a ''butter'' apple
Fast-selling hot
Fill with love enamor
Folklore sample tale
Furnace meas btu
German trio drei
Grasped held
Half a Washington city name walla
Harry Potter pal ron
Heavenly figure seraph
Hillary's successor laura
Holds owns
Host's invitation enter
Hot dog weenie
Houston of Texas sam
Hubbub stir
Hulking herbivore hippo
In an unsmoothed state roughhewn
Jamaican citrus ugli
Jazz great Fitzgerald ella
Lack of vitality anemia
Lacking color pale
Luke's sci-fi sister leia
Mighty hard to believe lame
Name that means ''king'' rex
Netflix series scientist nye
Not as daunting safer
Not yet at full height halfgrown
Poky slow
Prefix for system eco
Put away stow
Ran __ course its
Range element: Abbr mtn
Reputation stain stigma
Restriction easing, informally dereg
Self-help book genre howto
Sheer linen fabric toile
Shortened, as a hem takenup
Stellar phenomena novae
Support strongly adhereto
The king, in Spain elrey
Think much of value
Trace atmospheric element argon
Trapped like __ arat
Trim and toned inshape
Volunteer's declaration iwill
Wash-up rooms, for short lavs
Well-prepared allset
What Croatia joined in 2009 nato
Woodworker's pin dowel
Zealous avid
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