How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 23 2017

''Is it Miss, Ms., or __?'' MRS
''Now it's clear'' ISEE
''Spoiled'' kid BRAT
Admired one IDOL
Allow LET
Antlered animal MOOSE
Any carbonated soft drink SODA
Aroma ODOR
Arrest, informally RUNIN
Attend a party alone GOSTAG
Automated alternatives to a 49 Across ELEVATORS
Bright fire BLAZE
Camper's shelter TENT
Ceiling painter's climbing aid STEPLADDER
Complete collections SETS
Con games SCAMS
Direction finder that points north COMPASS
Discontinued CEASED
Do great on a test ACEIT
Drive too fast SPEED
Eight-person band OCTET
Fake wood in a fireplace GASLOG
Farmland measure ACRE
Fortune-teller SEER
Frequently ALOT
Garden nuisance WEED
Garden soil DIRT
Had debts OWED
Has a meal EATS
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Hollywood award OSCAR
Horses' paces GAITS
Is introduced to MEETS
Lawyer's customer CLIENT
Make amends (for) ATONE
Make happy ELATE
Mall alternatives to a 49 Across ESCALATORS
Medicinal amount DOSE
Mine passageway SHAFT
Minestrone, for one SOUP
Mo. city with the Gateway Arch STLOUIS
More skilled ABLER
Nickname for a noncom SARGE
Old furnace fuel COAL
Paid out SPENT
Piece of lettuce LEAF
Point in the right direction ORIENT
Prom dresses GOWNS
Read a bar code SCAN
Remote-control button MUTE
Scottish caps TAMS
Sedans and coupes CARS
Snug and warm COZY
Song from long ago OLDIE
Soon-to-be grads: Abbr SRS
Spelling contests BEES
Suspicious (of) LEERY
Tavern projectile DART
Tiny bite NIP
Tiresome person BORE
Took a tour TRAVELED
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Turn to slush MELT
Twilled suit material SERGE
Unfortunate accident MISHAP
Venetian blind strip SLAT
Volcano's outflow LAVA
Walk through water WADE
Walkway between floors STAIRCASE
Washbowl BASIN
Went by bus or train RODE
West Coast coll UCLA
Wide necktie ASCOT
Words of concern ICARE
Young grizzlies BEARCUBS
__ and crafts ARTS
__ of the time (now and then) SOME
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN
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