How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 22 2019

''Either you do it, __ will!'' ori
''I'll do that for you'' letme
''It's a shame!'' alas
''More fun than'' primate group barrelofmonkeys
''No __, and, or buts!'' ifs
Ambulance crew: Abbr emts
Arab leader sheik
Assumed name alias
At the peak of atop
Auction off sell
Be dishonest with lieto
Be inclined (to) tend
Big family clan
Bottom-line amount total
Bovine group herdofcows
Brief argument setto
Canine group packofdogs
Car-for-hire company uber
Castaway's escape vehicle raft
Channels 2-13, once: Abbr vhf
Decorate adorn
Difficult journey trek
Discuss talkover
Door openers keys
Egg on urge
End a plane flight land
Female choir voices altos
Fiend of folklore ogre
Glacial period of long ago iceage
Gotten up from sleep awoken
Have a snack nosh
Highly uncommon rare
Highway haulers trucks
Hoarse voice rasp
Hoof sound clop
Hotel patron guest
Ireland nickname erin
Irritates by rubbing chafes
Keep for later save
Lacking color pale
Land by the sea shore
Lawn-tunneling beast mole
Lawyers' org aba
Like omelets and French toast eggy
Mardi __ gras
Midday meal lunch
Midleg bones kneecaps
Mistake error
Mountain chain range
Neighborhoods areas
Newspaper essay oped
Nile queen, for short cleo
Nine-by-nine number puzzle sudoku
Off-kilter askew
Opera solo aria
Passport addition visa
Pasture lea
Prefix for chute para
Prefix for freeze anti
Quit one's job resign
Ride a bike cycle
Rushed sped
Sandwich shop deli
Sharpens, as an appetite whets
Slice of history era
Slight swelling bulge
Snow glider sled
Sound from a horse neigh
Steal, in a small way filch
Stitch up sew
Took an oath swore
Waffle cooker iron
Website's clickable connection link
Whittle (down) pare
Wide belt sash
Wide tie ascot
__ and hearty (robust) hale
__ vera (natural balm) aloe
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