How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 22 2007

''My country, 'tis of __'' THEE
Alphabet starter ABC
Apply, as liniment RUBON
Be deceitful, perhaps FUDGEFACTS
Bits of rain DROPS
Branch in the road FORK
Burrowing beast MOLE
Concludes ENDS
Considerably ALOT
Control the wheel STEER
Corrosive chemicals ACIDS
Coupe or convertible AUTO
Cufflink alternatives STUDS
Cup edges RIMS
Drink served in a stein BEER
Ecuador neighbor PERU
Emphatic agreement YESYES
Encounter MEET
Entice LURE
Eskimo dwelling IGLOO
Exodus leader MOSES
Fairy-tale first word ONCE
Fairy-tale second word UPON
Fond of pushing others around BOSSY
Frame of mind TEMPER
Freshen up RENEW
Gallery display ART
Greatly surprise STUN
Happiness GLEE
Improve one's behavior REFORM
Language suffix ESE
Leathernecks' org. USMC
Leg joint KNEE
Letterman's nickname DAVE
Lotion additive ALOE
Make simpler EASE
Makes more pleasant to hear SUGARCOATS
Meanie OGRE
Milky gem OPAL
Molecule part ATOM
Nautical ''Help!'' SOS
Nebraska city OMAHA
Not fooled by ONTO
Notices SEES
One-__ (biased) SIDED
Overhead trains ELS
Parts of envelopes FLAPS
Pekoe, for instance TEA
Poor grade DEE
Purple fruit PLUM
Reagan successor BUSH
Reclined LAIN
Remove, as a rope UNTIE
Second-year students SOPHS
Ship's skipper: Abbr. CAPT
Slightly ABIT
Soda holders CANS
Sports stadium ARENA
Sunbather's place BEACH
Teacher's workplace CLASSROOM
Term of endearment HONEYBUNCH
Toys that spin TOPS
Type of golf tournament PROAM
Unimportant MERE
USA, informally THESTATES
Verse writer POET
Vicinity AREA
Walk-on role CAMEO
Wander around ROVE
Wash-up need CAKEOFSOAP
Water-pipe problem LEAK
Western resort lake TAHOE
Wigwam relative TEPEE
Window-screen material MESH
Wood-cutting tools SAWS
__ room (family place) REC
__ seeds (bun features) SESAME
__ the lily (overdo it) GILD
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