How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 21 2019

''. . . happily __ after'' ever
''Give __ break!'' mea
''Leave it __!'' (''I'll handle it'') tome
''Picture'' mail sent by a tourist postcard
''That's impossible!'' cantbe
1/60 of a min sec
Actor Henry, Jane or Peter fonda
America's ''uncle'' sam
Banish exile
Baseball officials, for short umps
Be deserving of merit
Bottoms of shoes soles
Boxing match venue arena
Breakfast or dinner meal
Cafeteria food holder tray
Cola or ginger ale soda
Conclusions ends
Corporal's superior, for short sarge
Corporate VIPs execs
Creative thought idea
Crop up arise
Device that chops beef for hamburger meatgrinder
Device that crushes pungent cloves garlicpress
Device that removes skin from potatoes vegetablepeeler
Droop sag
Dunks chips into salsa dips
Elm or maple tree
Emergency vehicle sound siren
Employee's pay wage
Enticing smell aroma
Follow a car too closely tailgate
Fortune-teller seer
Fundamentals abcs
Gain entry to access
Go __ (date only one person) steady
Group of three trio
Hair goo gel
Historical periods eras
Hollywood headliner star
Hourglass contents sand
In addition aswell
Intelligent smart
Intense anger ire
Itineraries: Abbr rtes
Jog or do push-ups exercise
Kitchen basin sink
Knock softly tap
Last word of a prayer amen
Lion's den lair
List of a book's misprints errata
Main ingredient in borscht beet
Major annoyance hassle
Make a request ask
Meadow lea
Mexican mister senor
Mouthpiece for an oboe reed
Nile queen, for short cleo
Not feeling well ill
Poker player's quitting words imout
Portable rain protection umbrella
Remove pencil marks erase
Scarlett O'Hara's home tara
Serving of corn ear
Sharp taste tang
Snow coaster sled
Soft French cheese brie
Solo for a soprano aria
Split __ soup pea
Stereo systems hifis
Thomas __ Edison alva
Tyrannosaurus __ rex
Used a shovel dug
Volcano outflow lava
__ copy (photocopy) xerox
__ in the neck (annoyance) pain
__ mater (school once attended) alma
__ through (perform as hoped) come
__-tac-toe tic
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