How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 20 2018

''A ride in minutes'' sloganeer lyft
1982 film with a Madison Square Garden climax rockyiii
1983 video release code-named ''GameCom'' nes
Allowed licit
Biz alternative com
Boardroom VIP coo
Catcher on the All-Century Team berra
Certain planner's recommendation ira
Chumps dodos
Competitor of Chipotle moes
Contender's quest titleshot
Cranberry candy morsel since 2009 raisinet
DDT successor deet
Don't take no for an answer press
Event often televised in split-screen debate
First American auto with a million-selling year impala
Get to irk
Get useful material from mine
Greenskeepers' devices edgers
Hanukkah pancake latke
Hazard putatrisk
Inconspicuous, in ads whisperquiet
Initially assumed apriori
Isolated work groups silos
Leaves no choice traps
Lettered erudite
Lures, with ''in'' sucks
Made like a ram baaed
Mature comeofage
Name in the ''Charmed'' cast alyssa
Name on the cover of ''Lassie Come-Home'' eric
Negative endorsement meneither
New Balance alternative kswiss
New direction shift
NL team named for a snake ari
Not following atsea
Not to be messed with testy
Not up to the task inept
Obsession bug
Of a certain network neural
Oil company, in Wall Street slang pete
One at hard labor drudge
One's thing bag
Part of many an Open proam
Patent crystalclear
Peanut-butter holder, perhaps ryetoast
Physicist's ultrahigh-temperature state quarksoup
Plywood source fir
Portal released the same day as Windows 95 msn
Race that gets dirty mudrun
Rather good bplus
Real thing entity
Ribbon-like copper support restrip
Second word of an ephemerality adage today
Senior partner promdate
Sheba's locale, today yemen
Sizes up gauges
Snow __ pea
Sound from a squeaky toy yip
Squeeze, fold and stretch knead
Stars in the sky airaces
State-certification designation emt
Subject to strain try
They now sport ''We the People'' tens
Traded digs sparred
Typical carry-on onesuiter
Warms up (to) cottons
What an ATM needs to know amt
Woozy areel
Word from the Greek for ''point'' acme
Word on the Asian nation list sri
World's richest man, per Guinness getty
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