How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 17 2019

''Ciao!'' tata
''It's a deal!'' imin
''Wish I could unhear that!'' tmi
''__ pronounce you . . .'' inow
Adjective for ''Othello'' tragic
Album number song
Alternative to Avis alamo
Answers (for) atones
App Store platform ios
Attaches adds
Before long, in verse anon
Boring event drag
Boy's choir range alto
Capital in Lewis and Clark County helena
Carry a balance owe
Coiling creature boa
Concede, with ''up'' fess
Cool it stop
Datum stat
Donnybrook melee
Etymological info wordorigin
Family nickname mama
Field of expertise area
Finnish tech giant nokia
Fractional prefix demi
Garage descriptor onecar
Geologic periods eras
Graceful swimmer swan
Gradient slope
Have nothing to do with shun
High fashion label prada
House made of hide tepee
It's just north of Chile peru
K-12 elhi
Kernel container ear
Leaning type: Abbr ital
Legal prefix para
Lhasa __ apso
Lingers stays
Loch legend's nickname nessie
Loses intentionally takesadive
Misappropriated stolen
Move with care ease
Much more than surprise stun
Muscle car options ttops
Not easy to rouse fastasleep
Not engaged idle
Not privy to stuff outoftheloop
One of the Ivies yale
Over the moon elated
Pack animal of 32 Down llama
Recently oflate
Ruler of Dubai emir
Shoebox feature lid
Showing off memorization, maybe reciting
Some Joint Chiefs members admirals
Spot in a sedan seat
Start winning and winning getonaroll
Steakhouse specification rare
Superhero accessory cape
Support charitably giveto
Surrounded by amidst
Tablecloth topper mat
Talcum/walcum rhymer nash
Teen sleuth since the '30s drew
Think-piece feature oped
Tolkien creature elf
Tooled around wentforaspin
Toy rival of K'Nex lego
Unconfident try stab
Ungrouped each
Unibody Apple imac
Unwelcome look leer
Venerable pet food brand alpo
Way over yonder afar
Window holder frame
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