How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 15 2015

''Game of Thrones'' airer HBO
''Until next time!'' BYE
Again, but differently ANEW
Approaching, in odes NIGH
Assess RATE
Augments UPS
Author Murdoch IRIS
Back-fence talk RUMOR
Beige or taupe NEUTRALSHADE
Brewpub order STOUT
Budgetary excess FAT
Call attention to STRESS
Cash source for some seniors REVERSEMORTGAGE
CD-player ancestor HIFI
Clumsy one LOUT
DKNY designer KARAN
Dust collector RAG
Emotionally unmoved BLASE
Espresso servers BARISTAS
Foot feature ARCH
Found a place for SITED
Good customers REGULARS
Grannies' daughters MOMS
Herd identifier EARTAG
Hotbeds NESTS
Keys in ENTERS
King of diamonds' weapon AXE
Lacks the capacity CANT
Loft material HAY
Long stories SAGAS
Long-term savings plan IRA
Love, in Quito AMOR
Magnitude SCOPE
Make serious demands on TAX
Mascara mark, maybe SMUDGE
Most excellent AONE
News source of yore CRIER
Nonliteral expression IDIOM
On-water transport SKIS
Out of the gate OFF
Per unit APOP
Pet rodent for some GERBIL
Playhouse offering DRAMA
Prying person YENTA
Pulls apart TEARS
Pumpkin product PIE
Rekindles STOKES
Roof features EAVES
Royal Navy designation HMS
Scarecrow, essentially STRAW
Scolding sound TSK
Shearing candidate EWE
Ship, to its crew SHE
Smooth and polished SLEEK
Snack often twisted OREO
Snack shop CAFE
Solemn statement OATH
Sonar sounds PINGS
Stew tidbit PEA
Stock-still INERT
Sundance Festival city PARKCITYUTAH
Swamp critter GATOR
Talk with swagger BRAG
Talk-show furniture SOFA
Things to try before you buy DEMOS
Too forward BRASH
Tough situation SPOT
Troop group ARMY
Uniform EVEN
Updated home loan REFI
Ventricle outlet AORTA
Wide-spouted jugs EWERS
Winfrey's company HARPO
Without an added charge NOFEE
Young rascal URCHIN
__ bit (totally) EVERY
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