How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 10 2016

''Daily Show'' host NOAH
''Doctor Zhivago'' actress GERALDINECHAPLIN
''I'll be right with you'' ONESEC
''Iberia'' composer ALBENIZ
''May I help you?'' YES
''Ragtime'' author's monogram ELD
''The Bells'' writer POE
''The Hateful Eight'' director QUENTINTARANTINO
''The Office'' receptionist PAM
''Uncivil Liberties'' author CALVINTRILLIN
''Washington Journal'' airer CSPAN
2015 Wimbledon doubles champ MARTINAHINGIS
3/14, to Princetonians PIDAY
50-50 chance EVENBET
52 Down's employer CIA
Actress Hannah DARYL
Air France retirees of '03 SSTS
Alias preceder AKA
Alphabet Suite artist ERTE
Analyze TEST
Ashley design DRESS
Ashley the designer LAURA
Back in time AGO
Be visibly delighted SMILE
Became prevalent SETIN
Besiege ASSAIL
Boot camp nickname SARGE
Bread end HEEL
Brewed beverages TEAS
CD follower ROM
Celestial bear URSA
Citation abbreviation ETAL
Clancy hero RYAN
Cliffs of Dover county KENT
Coastal regions SEABOARDS
Cornfield stem STALK
Course standard PAR
Dazzled AWED
Deceive SNOW
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Drive home BATIN
Dubliners, for example IRISH
Earnest appeal PLEA
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Ecological abode HABITAT
Elbows alternative ZITI
Embellish ADORN
Ending like -ish ESQUE
Enticement LURE
Expressionless, as a stare GLAZY
Farsi speakers IRANIS
Fashion initials YSL
Fence feature GATEPOST
Fess up to ADMIT
Final authority SAYSO
First light SUNUP
Fossil fuel OIL
French porcelain center LIMOGES
Futile NOWIN
Get clean WASH
Gin flavoring SLOE
Hapless boxer PALOOKA
Helper AIDE
Hoisted in one's hands HEFTED
Holy See official language LATIN
Incantation starter ABRA
Incessantly ONEND
Ion descriptor: Abbr NEG
iPhone ancestors: Abbr PDAS
Keep occupied AMUSE
Key above G AFLAT
Kipling character MOWGLI
Line of light RAY
Little guy LAD
Lone Ranger's farewell ADIOS
Mall booths KIOSKS
Mean-spirited PETTY
Metric weight KILO
Miss Hannigan in the ''Annie'' remake DIAZ
Monocle, essentially LENS
Mosquito cousin GNAT
Mother of the Madonna, for short STANNE
Music Department course HARMONY
Narrowly defeat EDGEOUT
Neutral color TAN
Novelist Brookner ANITA
One of the Bears MAMA
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Perignon's title DOM
Pharaoh's snake ASP
Picked a ticket VOTED
Picture puzzle JIGSAW
Playthings with strings YOYOS
Port authority's concern WINE
Port authority's concerns PIERS
Prestigious schools IVIES
Puts up a fuss PROTESTS
Rd. with tolls TPK
Relinquishes formally CEDES
Rip off ROB
Sailor's patron saint ELMO
Saintly symbol HALO
School session TERM
Set to rest ALLAY
Shot in the dark STAB
Show of respect BOW
Some of the oldest video games ATARIS
Some Wall St. traders ARBS
Sounds at shearings BAAS
Sounds heard in jams HONKS
State with conviction AVER
Stay home for supper EATIN
Steel precursor PIGIRON
Street often near Maple ELM
Stuffed and then some OVERLOADED
Sugary ring DONUT
Theme-park offering SEASONPASS
Timberland limits TREELINES
Toronto team, for short JAYS
Toward Turkey EAST
Triple trio NONET
Tuckers (out) TIRES
Ultimate degree NTH
Vessel of 1492 PINTA
Walmart competitor TARGET
Was visibly upset WEPT
Washington airport SEATAC
Wearisome one BORE
Where the other side resides ENEMYCAMP
Winter Games org IOC
Wood shaver PLANE
__ Faire (reenactment venue) REN
__ lazuli (blue mineral) LAPIS
__ manner of speaking INA
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