How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 08 2015

''Aladdin'' prince ALI
''Family Circus'' cartoonist KEANE
''Othello'' assistant CASSIO
''This is terrible!'' YIKES
11th-century invader NORMAN
A as in Athens ALPHA
Accept formally ADOPT
Animal park ZOO
Appear in print RUN
Below the surface INNER
Bird watcher, perhaps CAT
Box-score abbr RBI
Cagney imitator's line YOUDIRTYRAT
Danger PERIL
Deep black JET
Den appliance TVSET
Disbeliever's comment SAYITAINTSO
Distribute pro rata APPORTION
Dracula's downtime DAY
Eels, at sushi bars UNAGI
Emissary AGENT
Express displeasure HISS
Final amount NET
Four-footed friend PET
Gazed at EYED
Get into the game SEEACTION
Go astray ERR
Half of A/V AUDIO
Hard to restrain EAGER
Helm heading APORT
Home for Holsteins DAIRY
Homer Simpson shout DOH
Info accumulation DATA
Injustices WRONGS
Italian hero ingredient PROVOLONE
Jefferson's bill TWO
Law of the movies JUDE
Lee who directed ''Hulk'' ANG
Legendary trailblazer BOONE
Light-dawning remark CANITBESOSIMPLE
Looks through a telescope GAZES
Looney Tunes skunk LEPEW
Metal strings WIRES
Mexican donkey BURRO
Most common blood type OPOSITIVE
Narc's agcy DEA
Narrow apertures SLITS
NFL stats TDS
Numbers game LOTTO
Piano technician TUNER
Poetic contraction TWAS
Poetic postscript ENVOI
Prehistoric predator, for short DINO
Recognize SPOT
Russian council of yore SOVIET
Ryder Cup team USA
School on the Thames ETON
Set things right ATONE
Shakespearean accusation ETTU
Shaq's surname ONEAL
Sound of derision SNORT
Spanish marinade ADOBO
Stage platforms RISERS
Star pitcher ACE
Steps (up) REVS
Still competitive INIT
Sudden foray RAID
Suffix for project ILE
Sundance Festival locale UTAH
Swimming practice LAPS
Swimming stroke CRAWL
Tolkien creature ELF
Triangular sign YIELD
Underwater hazards REEFS
Went along with ABIDED
What turtlenecks hide NAPES
__ Moines DES
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