How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 06 2019

''Awesome!'' golly
''Bounty'' captain bligh
''Driving Miss Daisy'' Oscar winner tandy
''Farm'' animals ants
''Speak up!'' sayit
66 Across servings pints
Actress Russo rene
Admits, informally copsto
Allure in the air aroma
Ancient, in a 1/1 song auld
Approach maturity ripen
Asian nation that declared independence in 1919 afghanistan
Assumed name alias
Awaited instead of sleeping satupfor
Babe Ruth's 1919 league-leading homer count twentynine
Back-wheel connector rearaxle
Barbecue hardware grill
Bard comedy title starter alls
Bard tragedy title starter romeo
Basketball venue arena
Being a nuisance to harrying
Berry from palms acai
Bugs Bunny's voice blanc
Cafeteria carrier tray
Calibrate align
Can't find loses
Carousel carving horse
Casts a spell on enchants
Celebrity elite alist
Choir attire robes
CIA operatives agts
Cinema counter purchase snack
Cloudless clear
CNN medical reporter gupta
Coated with chrome, say plated
Come to terms about agreeon
Common Swedish name sven
Cooked for too long burnt
Cry of disapproval boo
Den __, Netherlands haag
Dinesen's real surname blixen
Disbursements payouts
Disinclination to act inertia
Dispose of for cash sell
Disposed (to) prone
Dog biscuit shapes bones
Dollar sums, for short amts
Draw forth educe
Elevator innovator otis
Empty talk prate
Episode's second showing rerun
Eroded ate
Erstwhile Heathrow lander boac
Erstwhile Heathrow lander concorde
Family nickname poppa
Far-from-gourmet fare glop
First woman in the House of Commons nancyastor
First-century despot nero
Florist's accessories vases
Formation fliers geese
Foundation donation grant
Front of a ship prow
Give an address orate
Golf magazine staple protip
GPS reading wsw
Grand Bahama, for instance isle
Grand Ole __ opry
Greenish hue olive
Gusts of air blows
Hardwood tree ash
Have a lapse err
Hilton alternative sheraton
Home of ''The Thinker,'' which opened in 1919 museerodin
How some chocolate is sold boxed
Impertinent snippy
In __ against time arace
Indian attire sari
Induced improperly bribed
Land on the Caspian iran
Lasso loop noose
Latin explanation opener idest
Lefty southpaw
Look sulky pout
Major nuisance pain
Major silents star gish
Makeup exam retest
Mask cutouts eyeholes
Measures of work ergs
Mechanical learning rote
Meddlesome nosey
Minor anomaly blip
National Park established in 1919 grandcanyon
Needle producer pine
New Haven student eli
Novelist Carr caleb
Novelist Nathanael west
Novelist Segal erich
Of hearing aural
Old-time ''accomplish'' doest
One with no hope goner
Ordinary writing prose
Painter of ballet scenes degas
Part of QED erat
Performance in ''un ballet'' danse
Piercing tools awls
Prohibition legislation enacted in 1919 volsteadact
Proscribed thing nono
Pull to pieces rend
Purposes aims
Rebel leader at the 1919 Battle of Juárez panchovilla
Repetitive cries chants
Somewhat dry, in wine-speak demisec
Sound-minded sane
Spider or scorpion arachnid
Star in Cygnus deneb
Stationed (in) based
Still in contention alive
Subatomic particle quark
Supply what's needed to equip
Supreme joy bliss
Symbols of Australia platypi
Talk-show group panel
Teachers' org nea
Teammate of the Babe lou
Thoroughbred racing coup first achieved in 1919 triplecrown
Throat bug, for short strep
Timely benefit boon
To pieces apart
Toon debuting in 1919 felixthecat
Top-level dwellings lofts
Traveled went
Traveled by bus or bike rode
Treaty-signing site of 1919 versailles
Unpretentious pub grogshop
Was 60 Across pried
Water far from land opensea
Wide-eyed agog
Wind-powered spinner vane
Woodcutter Ali __ baba
Writer Wharton edith
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