How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 04 2015

''Didn't mean to do that'' OOPS
''Dilbert'' cartoonist ADAMS
''Rags-to-riches'' author ALGER
1988 presidential candidate DUKAKIS
2016 Olympics city RIO
Actress Ullmann LIV
Advertising award CLIO
Ancestry BLOOD
Ancestry ROOTS
Arcane-detail experts WONKS
Arrive on the sly STEALIN
Assigned function ROLE
Aunt Millie's alternative RAGU
Author of the 19th century's best-selling novel STOWE
Bagpipe sound DRONE
Barnyard sound OINK
Beagle biters FLEAS
British landmark auctioned off in 1915 STONEHENGE
Budget-graph border lines RADII
Budget-graph border lines ARCS
Burbank, for instance BOTANIST
Came up short FAILED
Cardiology readings: Abbr EKGS
Cell-phone company bought by Microsoft NOKIA
City in Colombia CALI
Collaborative website WIKI
Complains MOANS
Completely INFULL
Comprehension GRASP
Conscious SENTIENT
Cow or camel RUMINANT
Creator of the Grinch SEUSS
Curtain holders RODS
Depleted EMPTY
Desert formations DUNES
Doll first sold in 1915 RAGGEDYANN
Dollars and cents MONEY
Dutch cheese EDAM
Embodiments SOULS
Ending for infant ILE
Engineers for Watson IBMERS
Exams for drs. to be MCATS
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Faux __ (misstep) PAS
Fills completely SATES
First half of an LP SIDEA
First word in the ''Star Trek'' intro SPACE
First-string players ATEAM
Flood barriers LEVEES
Foundation of farming SOIL
French fashion monogram YSL
Galaxy Tab alternative IPAD
Go along AGREE
Go-between AGENT
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Grammy Award category OPERA
Grandma NANA
Great time BLAST
Grist for some mills RUMORS
Harry Potter series messengers OWLS
Having fun HAPPY
He painted his ''Poet Reclining'' in 1915 MARCCHAGALL
His ''Birth of a Nation'' premiered in 1915 DWGRIFFITH
His novella ''The Metamorphosis'' was published in 1915 FRANZKAFKA
Home appliance introduced in 1915 REFRIGERATOR
Homer's eldest BART
Hotel patron GUEST
In pursuit of AFTER
Infuriate ANGER
Investor's insurance HEDGE
Irving Berlin tune of 1915 ILOVEAPIANO
Letters often near 0 OPER
London art museum TATE
Lots of land ACRES
Make alterations TAILOR
Make public AIR
Makes uniform EVENS
Male 43 Across COB
Marina __ Rey, CA DEL
Milk designation GRADEA
Minimal amount IOTA
Modern artist Mondrian PIET
Mountain lion COUGAR
Noshed on ATE
Number used by pilots NINER
On the player roster ACTIVE
Oscar actress Marisa TOMEI
Out of whack AMISS
Part of RSVP SIL
People with fan clubs IDOLS
Performs in an orchestra PLAYS
Personality parts EGOS
Plate refills SECONDS
Poker opener, perhaps ANTE
Poker opener, perhaps PAIR
Present unfairly SKEW
Pulled along TOWED
Pun reaction, perhaps OUCH
Pun reaction, perhaps HAHA
Relay-race segment LEG
Responsibilities, so to speak HATS
Roasting venue OVEN
Robe part SLEEVE
Roof projections EAVES
Rubber gasket ORING
Rubber product BAND
Saturate (with) IMBUE
Saturated (with) AWASH
School in L.A USC
Search (through) SIFT
Secondary map INSET
Seismological events TREMORS
Send off, as invitations MAILOUT
Set of standards CODE
Showed to a seat, slangily USHED
Sitar melody RAGA
Small evergreen LAUREL
Smartphone operating system ANDROID
Social class CASTE
Sounds from 6 Across HOOTS
Space-saving abbr ETC
Stamp on a letter POSTMARK
Subtle signal WINK
Symbol of grace SWAN
Symbol of sanctity HALO
Talk big BOAST
Tax-law experts: Abbr CPAS
Telltale sign ODOR
Term in bowling, baseball and basketball FOULLINE
They hear ''You've got mail'' AOLERS
Those on foot, for short PEDS
Turned out to be ENDEDUP
Type of lager beer PILSENER
Type of phone call first made in 1915 COASTTOCOAST
Water down DILUTE
Water source SPIGOT
Whodunit story ALIBI
Willy Wonka creator DAHL
Work-weary exclamation TGIF
Yoga accessory MAT
[I'm frightened!] GASP
__-Carlton (hotel chain) RITZ
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