How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 02 2019

''Moby-Dick'' skipper ahab
''No wager'' ipass
''Star Wars'' guru yoda
''__ Lisa'' mona
''__ the night before . . .'' twas
''__ the season . . . '' tis
Accelerator neighbor brake
Acorn producer oaktree
Actress Hatcher teri
Analyze in great detail parse
Arthur __ Stadium (tennis tourney venue) ashe
Aviator Earhart amelia
Bagpiper's garb kilt
Be untruthful lie
Beasts of burden asses
Becomes ready to harvest ripens
Being bet atstake
Billboard postings ads
Canvas dwelling tent
Catcher's gloves mitts
Choir platform riser
Completely confused atsea
Constrictor snake boa
Cornhusker State city omaha
Corolla and Camry toyotas
Courtroom event trial
Dutch beer brand amstel
Economist Greenspan alan
Fly by oneself solo
Foul moods snits
Go bad, as milk sour
Having no slack taut
Hawaiian coffee region kona
Historical periods eras
Husband of a countess earl
Immediately, in a memo asap
Infamous Roman emperor nero
Inventor Whitney eli
Just adequate soso
Knotty problem poser
Leg joint knee
Main impact brunt
Massage rub
Media heard in automobiles radiobroadcasts
Media sold in kiosks newspaperissues
Media watched at home televisionshows
Mouthwash flavor mint
Mushroom part stem
On the house nocost
Org. for attorneys aba
Passover meal seder
Paul Revere or Nathan Hale patriot
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr sase
Prohibit by law ban
Pronoun for ships she
Race in a slalom ski
Rummy variety canasta
Seeks information asks
Skeptical remark ibet
Smartphone download app
Snakes like Cleo's asps
Splinter groups sects
Sprinters' assignments lanes
Staying power stamina
Stormy weather systems lows
Subsidiary, for short div
Summer Games org ioc
Supervisor boss
Take off the shelf use
Tampa neighbor, familiarly stpete
The Dalai __ lama
The ones yonder those
Things done actions
Tooth care pro: Abbr dds
Try out test
Weep audibly sob
Woodwind instrument oboe
Worst, as excuses lamest
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