How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 02 2016

'30s champion of ''Ulysses'' CERF
Ancient power of the Mediterranean ASSYRIA
Avenue __ Champs-Élysées DES
Capital close to Memphis CAIRO
Cellulose compound in clothing ACETATE
Certain living-room set DRAPES
Common dust-ruffle feature BOXPLEAT
Conservative sentiment TORYISM
Cutting edge in winter sports TOEPICK
Daisylike RAYED
Different OTHER
Educated ERUDITE
Err with hands MISDEAL
Frequent quote source WIT
Frontier town OUTPOST
Genesis ''man of the field'' ESAU
Gets well MENDS
Goldfish alternative KOI
Hartford neighbor of Twain STOWE
It makes ''Speed Racer'' go ANIME
Its logo is made from 44 of its products PEZ
Je ne sais quoi XFACTOR
Jimmy PRY
Maker of L'Or de Vie lotion DIOR
Mogadishu-born model IMAN
Nibble on a toothpick CANAPE
Object of confidence SAFEBET
Off the table EATEN
One of a storied English sextet BOLEYN
One with a van line GMC
Onetime owner of Abbey Road Studios EMI
Onetime owner of the first audio trademark NBC
Only city to host consecutive Super Bowls MIAMI
Otter prey ABALONE
Outfitted like Colonel Mustard MONOCLED
Pal of Duchamp and Chagall ERNST
Pampers, in Liverpool NAPPIES
People skip its stones DRUPE
Perfunctory TEPID
Profusion RIOT
Sagan's ''very small stage in a vast cosmic arena'' EARTH
Santa Maria shipwreck site, today HAITI
Sci-fi hub STARBASE
Semi add-on MUDFLAP
Signal source-changing control FADER
Sit by ABUT
Small wrapper, some say ELF
Soviet dissidents' self-publishing SAMIZDAT
Sports accelerator CESTA
Start liking WARMTO
Stuffs SATES
Subject of a 1968 Tom Wolfe book KENKESEY
Super Tuesday no PCT
Tasmanian icebreaker GDAYMATE
Taupe cousin MOCHA
The 2016 Aston Martin DB10 is its official car SPECTRE
Took some of TASTED
Turkey LEMON
TV series airing from what was once the world's largest radio studio SNL
Unpopped kernel, to Redenbacher OLDMAID
Vehement INTENSE
Wares burned before use CDS
What an ace keeps low ERA
When the Anvil Chorus is heard ACTTWO
Whence some kits emerge DENS
White coat ENAMEL
Without walls ALFRESCO
Word from the Latin for ''witness'' TESTIFY
Yeast extract for scientific research RNA
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