How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 01 2005

''Hot'' food TAMALE
''The Magic Mountain'' author MANN
''__ Stoops to Conquer'' SHE
''__ the fields we go . . .'' OER
1 Across' jurisdiction HOLYSEE
A bit SOME
A new one was celebrated 1/1/2001 MILLENNIUM
Aggravation, so to speak GRIEF
Angel or Indian ALER
Approved OKED
Author born 1/1/1919 JDSALINGER
Back of a skiff STERN
Bait buyer ANGLER
Bar snack PRETZEL
Bassoon kin OBOE
Be in the red OWE
Be partial to, with ''for'' ROOT
Became more friendly THAWED
Bishop of Rome POPE
Boat's backwash WAKE
Breaks of a sort NAPS
British synonymist ROGET
Brought up RAISED
Burn the surface of CHAR
Cabbage concoction SLAW
Camera accessory LENSCAP
Candy shape GUMDROP
Cell feature IRONBAR
Certain queen's subject DRONE
Chair part SLAT
Check cashers PAYEES
China service TEASET
Chopped down HEWN
City near Marseilles ARLES
Compass reading ENE
Concerning INRE
Covered walls, in a way PAPERED
Dartmouth graduate deg. MBA
Dec. 25 XMAS
Deep hole ABYSS
Defiant words MAKEME
Degrade ABASE
Desperado chaser POSSE
Discourage DETER
Drug enforcement agent NARC
Duke or earl NOBLE
Emerson's middle name WALDO
Entanglement SNARL
Enters a computer network LOGSIN
Eroded EATEN
European capital OSLO
Even out BALANCE
Fairway position LIE
Federal facility opened 1/1/1892 ELLISISLAND
Fifth-century conqueror ATTILA
First entry in ''Who's Who in the Bible'' AARON
Florentine farewell CIAO
French school ECOLE
Fresh __ daisy ASA
Friend of Stimpy REN
Game first played 1/1/1937 COTTONBOWL
Genesis structure TOWER
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Got up AROSE
Harry and William PRINCES
Heart CORE
Hernando's home CASA
Hoity-toity type SNOB
Hosiery shade ECRU
HS auxiliaries PTAS
Impresses mightily DAZZLES
Its construction began 1/1/1880 PANAMACANAL
Juliet, to Romeo THESUN
Kid's bedtime ritual STORY
Landscape spoiler EYESORE
Law partner ORDER
Like skim milk NONFAT
Linus Pauling alma mater CALTECH
Look through a keyhole PEERIN
Lord Peter Wimsey creator SAYERS
Mar. honoree STPAT
Mare's offspring COLT
Melbourne grill BARBIE
Miser's motivation GREED
Myanmar's locale ASIA
NASA launch of '62 TELSTAR
Not at all tight BAGGY
Of more recent vintage NEWER
Old enough OFAGE
Open, as a screen door UNLATCH
Operatic performances ARIAS
Pal of Piglet EEYORE
Party list SLATE
Pleasure vessel SLOOP
Poseidon, e.g. SEAGOD
Pound the poet EZRA
Practice punching SPAR
Prepares, as pekoe STEEPS
Pretentious ARTY
Product mention PLUG
Real-estate ad abbr. BDRM
Rental agreement LEASE
Revolutionary War hero born 1/1/1735 PAULREVERE
River embankment LEVEE
Ruckus ADO
Russian-born artist ERTE
S&L offering IRA
Salon creation COIF
Sassy PERT
See 101 Down AREA
Shearing candidates EWES
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Singer Merman ETHEL
Single-helix molecule RNA
Skinny ones SCRAGS
Son of Seth ENOS
Stallone role RAMBO
Stephen King novel SALEMSLOT
Strong soap ingredient LYE
Sugar source CANE
Swimming spot LAKE
Tests, as ore ASSAYS
The Charles' pet ASTA
Third word of ''America'' TIS
Time Warner division AOL
Trial balloon FEELER
Trojan War hero AJAX
Valhalla host ODIN
Vampire repellent GARLIC
Vestige TRACE
Web auction site EBAY
Whole bunch TON
Wilderness walkway PATH
Wind down ABATE
With 100 Across, Interstate stop REST
With 60 Down, Lincoln issuance of 1/1/1863 EMANCIPATION
Word on a valentine LOVE
Worked too hard SLAVED
Zealous AVID
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