How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 25 2018

''Andy Griffith Show'' spinoff mayberryrfd
''Exodus'' author uris
''Got it'' isee
''Pinocchio'' goldfish cleo
''Saving Private Ryan'' studio dreamworksskg
''__ Land'' (2016 blockbuster film) lala
2017 World Series winner astro
42 Down, e.g contract
A second time again
Act as lookout for, say abet
Announcement at LAX eta
Antsy feeling agita
Argumentative comeback amtoo
Authorities mavens
Bad half of fiction hyde
Bart's brainy sister lisa
Benjamin cnote
Billiards bounce carom
Blow off steam rant
Brother of Zeus hades
Burn superficially singe
Canvas quarters tent
Casual eatery bistro
Certain proof of purchase deed
Cocoa holders mugs
Comparatively cautious cannier
Crowd around mob
Cut down to size abased
Deal facilitator agent
Deserve to get merit
Dinner menu selection sidedish
Disney film set in China mulan
Divert, as a train shunt
Env. insert enc
Exodus 19 locale sinai
Extends across spans
Falling-out rift
Fibber's admission ilied
Foxx of ''Ray'' jamie
French farewell adieu
Full of enthusiasm ardent
Generic address anytownusa
German autos opels
Goads spurs
Goalies' stats saves
Green Gables girl anne
Hair gel, for instance goop
Have a cameo role? carve
Heroic tales sagas
Hindu ascetic fakir
Hint of color tinge
Hold together bond
Idyllic place eden
Influential person nabob
Inform against raton
Informal affirmative yep
Instinctive feeling, for short vibe
Island near Lady Liberty ellis
It means ''bad'' mal
Just hanging around idle
Keyboarding error typo
King Ferdinand's homeland aragon
Last president with a mustache taft
Leica competitor nikon
Less significant tinier
Long-eared hoppers hares
Lower leg shank
Make a mockery of jape
Minnesota iron range mesabi
Most born in August leos
Most lean and muscular wiriest
Mouths off to sasses
Nine-digit ID issuer ssa
North Atlantic catch cod
Not to be trusted false
Nothing but only
Objections buts
Office agreement lease
One visiting websites surfer
Open to bribery venal
Paid (up) anted
Part of some freight trains orecar
Part-time degree program weekendmba
Pennsylvania port erie
Performed brilliantly shone
Pocket fluff lint
Poker pair tens
Priest on a base padre
Product pitches ads
Quipster wag
Quipster card
Ration out allot
Recoils shies
Renders impure taints
Reunion attendee son
Reunion attendee alum
Rural structure silo
Salty septet seas
Sandwich staple swiss
Science guy __ deGrasse Tyson neil
Shakespearean title females wives
Shelter adoptees pets
Sights near the Colosseum ruins
Sign of things to come omen
Singer Guthrie arlo
Slippery swimmers eels
Smartphone screen array icons
Snoop group cia
Solemn procedures rites
Sotomayor appointer obama
Source of shade elm
Sources of shade trees
Sousaphone kin tuba
Sports replay technique slomo
Sporty auto roofs ttops
Stadium level tier
State-run numbers game lotto
Stranded at a chalet, maybe icedin
Streaming appliances smarttvs
Stuff served with soup saltines
Successful legislation law
Suffix for sect arian
Take a spill tumble
Teens' safety org sadd
Those in favor ayes
Those in favor yeses
Tolerate take
Toms and bucks males
Tranquil calm
Transferred nest egg rolloverira
True crime series datelinenbc
Two-toned treat oreo
Twosome duo
Typical solitaire diamond size onecarat
Uncool one nerd
Under siege beset
Venerable ageold
Video arcade pioneer atari
Viewer's recording medium writabledvd
Was in charge heldsway
Washington's subway metro
Winter Olympics gear skis
Woodwind holder case
Wool source ram
Yonder yawl her
YouTube post video
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