How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 24 2019

''. . . could __ fat'' eatno
''Adam's Rib'' and three others georgecukor
''Apparent'' person heir
''Blazing Saddles'' and two others melbrooks
''Bringing Up Baby'' and two others howardhawks
''Don't __ word!'' saya
''Fargo'' and one other (despite the ''official'' credits) coenbrothers
''Groundhog Day'' and one other haroldramis
''I hate it!'' feh
''Idol'' judge, for short jlo
''It Happened One Night'' and two others frankcapra
''Manhattan'' and four others woodyallen
''Sherlock Jr.'' and two others busterkeaton
''Some Like It Hot'' and two others billywilder
''Son of __!'' agun
''The Emperor Jones'' playwright oneill
''What a piece of work __'' : Shak isman
''When Harry Met Sally . . .'' and one other robreiner
A thing of the past over
Andean of old inca
Any compass point rhumb
Aspiring atty.'s exam lsat
Aster family flower oxeye
Attaches a sleeve, say sews
Bad weather, briefly tstorm
Be a bad winner gloat
Beef garnish aspic
Benevolent brothers elks
Big brawl melee
Big bunch slew
Bingo call bten
Blunted sword epee
Boat blade oar
Bowled over awed
Break open burst
Breakfast bread bagel
Bring to bear exert
Brook fish trout
Burgeoned grew
Capital of Belarus minsk
Caravan component camel
Check-in area lobby
Chopped down hewn
Civilian clothes mufti
Clairvoyant seer
Color like crimson carmine
Contingent set
Cotton fabric pima
Dash device cam
Did the lawn mowed
Don't play fair cheat
Doorway part jamb
Drive-__ window thru
Easily addled ditsy
Engraving tool stylet
Faculty overseers deans
Federal fiscal agcy omb
Feel certain know
Fictional ''Fiddle-dee-dee!'' female ohara
Fighter jet home: Abbr afb
Finds out hears
Flows out recedes
Fr. address mlle
Frat letters rhos
Gas company, e.g utility
German figurine hummel
Goblin starter hob
Grandpa Simpson abe
Grandson of Abraham jacob
Gym fixture barbell
Hawk cousin osprey
Held firmly clutched
Henri de Toulouse-__ lautrec
High hair updo
Highway advisory noturns
Holds has
Houlihan on ''M*A*S*H'' swit
Hunting dogs terriers
I love: Lat amo
Indy Jones' fear snakes
Iroquois people eries
It's not part of SOS our
Jamaican music reggae
Large quantity host
Leave port sail
Lounge about loll
Make a blunder err
March 14th, to mathematicians piday
Mardi __ gras
Mask eyeholes slits
Matinee days: Abbr sats
More or less about
Nasal appraisal odor
Nasal appraisal aroma
Nerve cells axons
Nevada city ely
NL West team ari
Nobody's fool cagy
Not quite one's best effort bgame
Oath affirmation ido
Oregon college town eugene
Oslo topography fjord
Penguins or Ducks nhlteam
Place for hay bales loft
Place for porkers sty
Play softer, in mus dimin
Prim staid
Races on rivers regattas
Raised, as rabbits bred
Ranch bunch herd
Realm area
Repetitive learning rote
River formations deltas
Roof projection eave
Serenade, as the moon bayat
Service period term
Severe conditions rigors
Sign of disuse dust
Sound of a blow pow
Sport on rivers crew
Stain-remover prefix oxi
Sunday funnies canine odie
Talks nonstop yaks
Taqueria filling pollo
Taunts twits
Teen hangout of yore sodashop
Think a lot of adore
Tic-tac-toe win ooo
Touched down alit
Try to reach base bat
Ultimate final
Unhappy spectator booer
Unvarying practice rut
Up to, for short til
USSR's CIA kgb
Verdi Shakespearean opera otello
Video game pioneer atari
Violinist Rieu andre
Washout dud
When beaches are biggest lowtide
Where ''Sherlock'' first aired bbcone
Writer Edgar __ Masters lee
Yogurtlike Russian drink kefir
Young zebra colt
Zellweger's lawyer, in ''Chicago'' gere
__ fit (tantrum) hissy
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