How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 23 2019

''Care to explain?'' whatisthis
''Faith is the best wealth for __'' : Buddha aman
''Juvenile pariah'' of an 1884 novel finn
''No, it's lemonade!'' shouter in a GEICO ad icet
100% atoz
Adventure deed
All Peanut M&Ms, at first tans
At some other place else
Blue-collar prole
Bolt fly
Bottom out hitanalltimelow
Boxed lunch add-ins towelettes
Bridge beam cantilever
Clerical support amen
Colbert best-selling spoof of 2007 iamamerica
Common tracks on snow noels
Concentrated dense
Cops, on the street popo
Corny production pone
Costume creator for Mata Hari erte
Devil-may-care pert
Digital AV standard mpeg
Diversions feints
Dove plummeted
Driving away alienating
Far from agreeable vile
Filet mignon source loin
Focus (on) train
Girl in many a song lass
Got across another way translated
Hapless sad
Harry's dukedom sussex
Heat up fume
Important Colonial America crop flax
In the bargain also
In the brain, so to speak uptop
It must be followed fiat
Japanese soy sauce tamari
Join up optin
Link (up) pair
LOL venues ims
Loser due to a timeout hare
Madre de tu madre abuela
Minor key islet
Moderate allay
Operatic ornamentation coloratura
Ostensibly be seem
Outlook mentality
Overly ornate busy
Ratlike false
Relished dug
See 25 Down balm
Server's check, at times age
Shaving __ soaps
Something categorized by carbon content steel
Squiring with
Sting success bust
Storied ''keeper of sheep'' abel
Storied ''tiller of the ground'' cain
Stormed sped
They have defensive ends apologists
Throw baffle
Tussling atit
TV Guide's #2 cartoon surname flintstone
Vanity case selfie
Washed out purged
Went wild, maybe fantasized
What's bought at many Esso stations today petrol
Where Moses met Pharaoh nile
With 24 Down, application for summer camp aloe
Yuletide trio hens
__ toy cat
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