How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 21 2018

''That's impressive!'' ooh
1910s conflict, for short wwi
Acknowledged applause bowed
Actor Carell steve
Aid in illegality abet
Antonym: Abbr opp
Art __ (1920s style) deco
Back in time ago
Be looking for seek
Bit of Christmas debris pineneedle
Boxcar rider hobo
Camel's South American cousin alpaca
Cause of ruin bane
Cavern sound echo
Clean-air org epa
Common coffee-break time tenam
Commuter train stops towns
Considerable weight heft
Customary behavior habit
Discussions talks
Dressed up fussily preened
Electrified fish eel
Fascinated by into
Finger adornment acrylicnail
Freebie with some sandwiches picklespear
Front tips of airplanes noses
Fruit stalk stem
Good-natured amiable
Gorilla or gibbon ape
Hairstyles dos
Historical period era
Holiday lead-in eve
Horse sound neigh
Japanese cash yen
Jazz great Fitzgerald ella
Kagan of the Supreme Court elena
Kournikova of tennis anna
Ladder rung step
Language suffix ese
Last Supper attendee apostle
Letting in customers open
Maid __ of Sherwood Forest marian
Musical work with arias opera
Neighbor of Pakistan iran
Pasadena engineering school caltech
Phone letters above 4 ghi
Place to apply rouge cheek
Portrays depicts
Prefix for final semi
Prefix meaning ''billionth'' nano
Prepared to be knighted kneeled
Raw mineral ore
Reprimand mildly chide
Resell quickly flip
Respectful refusal nosir
Savings protection org fdic
See 56 Down neeson
Shopping binge spree
Sketched drew
Snow queen in ''Frozen'' elsa
Source of shade elm
Spring through the air leap
Stage, as a historical battle reenact
Taken care of seento
Target on a lane bowlingpin
Tattooists' supplies inks
Took a siesta dozed
UK network bbc
Visibly embarrassed red
Warrior women of myth amazons
Wedding-cake figurine bride
Welsh __ (cheesy dish) rarebit
What fills a forest trees
Windblown snow pile drift
With 43 Across, ''Schindler's List'' star liam
Work without __ (act riskily) anet
Worker made of metal robot
__ of (finished with) rid
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