How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 19 2006

''Are you nearsighted?'', e.g.? VISIONQUESTION
''Batteries __ included'' NOT
''Broadway Bound'' writer SIMON
''Cheers'' setting BAR
''CSI: Miami'' network CBS
''Friends'' role ROSS
''I can't deny that'' TRUE
''Let's Make a Deal'' booby prizes ZONKS
''Pretty as a picture,'' e.g. SIMILE
1986 Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
33 Down pursuer CAT
A bowler may pick it up SPARE
Actress Hatcher TERI
Aircraft carrier FLATTOP
Argue formally DEBATE
Author Erica JONG
Back the other way FRO
Became a tenant RENTED
Because one was challenged ONADARE
Betty and Veronica, for two TEENS
Bit of French on some menus ALA
Biting insect FIREANT
Briskly cold CRISP
Bunch of battleships FLEET
Can wrappers LABELS
Cement ingredient SAND
Charitable donation ALMS
Chiang Kai-shek's capital TAIPEI
Chintzy CHEAP
Compared LIKENED
Compass reading ENE
Creator of the Ushers POE
Dept. store VIP MGR
Director Lee ANG
Dismounted ALIT
End of a generous declaration ONME
ER procedure TRIAGE
Ethan or Joel of Hollywood COEN
Even if, briefly THO
Exchanging hostilities ATWAR
Firecracker cord FUSE
Fledgling business STARTUP
Friend of Stimpy REN
Gallant galloper STEED
Gear in motion? ROLLINGPINION
Genesis shepherd ABEL
GPs, jocularly DOCS
Grace finale AMEN
Gratis serving? FREEPORTION
Group with pins and pledges FRAT
Gulp down EAT
Held the deed to OWNED
Huge herd on the Plains? BUFFALOBILLION
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Inning's sextet OUTS
IRS agent's trial period? TAXAUDITION
It's mined and refined ORE
Italian phone greeting PRONTO
Journalist __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Less everyday ODDER
Lightning attractor ROD
Like some yogurt NONFAT
Like the Marx Brothers ZANY
Lumps in the throat TONSILS
Make __ (reap big profits) AMINT
Making it to the 12th grade? JUNIORMISSION
Maryland's state bird ORIOLE
Matador adorer's cry OLE
Maureen O'Sullivan's daughter MIA
Mentalist's claim ESP
Metrical foot IAMB
Mining engineer who became president HOOVER
More hallowed HOLIER
NASCAR circuit LAP
National airline since 1948 ELAL
Nine-to-fiver's concern JOB
Noisy goose HONKER
Nowadays ANYMORE
Of a rotational line AXIAL
One of two in a bassoon REED
Optimistic expression IHOPE
Out of bed ARISEN
Out of luck SUNK
Partygoer's souvenir FAVOR
Path between grocery shelves AISLE
Peach __ MELBA
Piggy-bank feature SLOT
Place for a fringe EDGE
Plankton particles DIATOMS
Poetic preposition ERE
Pop-bottle topper CAP
Prepare soft-shell clams STEAM
Proponents' votes YEAS
Rain-deprived ARID
Rare violin STRAD
Redness exemplar BEET
Ref's counterpart UMP
Rescuer SAVIOR
Run, as a meeting CHAIR
Saturday/Sunday hobby? WEEKENDPASSION
Seagoing ice sheet FLOE
Separate APART
Sherwood Forest, to Robin Hood HOME
Short of being shut AJAR
Shrank in terror CRINGED
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Sicilian city MESSINA
Singer Tennille TONI
Sizeable, as a sum TIDY
Slangy suffix EROO
Slapstick trio member STOOGE
Sleep like __ ALOG
Smooth in style SUAVE
Some spring dances PROMS
Son of Seth ENOS
Sound in a salon SNIP
Spot in a stream ISLET
Sprinkled NaCl on SALTED
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Squeaky pest MOUSE
Squeezebox from Japan? HONDAACCORDION
Stage signal CUE
Start of Caesar's boast VENI
State again ITERATE
Stereo predecessor MONO
Stocking stuff NYLON
Sty cry OINK
Sty denizens PIGS
Summon the operator DIALO
Sundial numeral III
Sweeten the pot ANTE
Sweltering HOT
Swindler's setup CON
Tentacles ARMS
The Prado's locale SPAIN
Theater-ticket number ROW
Took part in a regatta OARED
Understudy's dream STARDOM
Utter parenthetically ADD
Vatican City surrounder ROME
Wasteful bother ADO
Where to see FDR DIME
Whirlpool EDDY
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