How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 18 2010

''I can't __'' (compulsive one's comment) HELPMYSELF
''I can't __'' (hedger's comment) SAYFORSURE
''I can't __'' (incredulous one's comment) IMAGINEWHY
''I can't __'' (insomniac's comment) SLEEPAWINK
''Leave that to me!'' IMONIT
''Too bad!'' ALAS
''West Side Story'' role MARIA
''Yeah, sure!'' HAH
Auth. unknown ANON
Badlands feature MESA
Beast of burden ASS
Black eye SHINER
Bounced off the cushion CAROMED
BPOE members ELKS
Bracelet site ANKLE
Breakfast serving MELON
Cheated, slangily HOSED
Choose from the menu ORDER
Churl LOUT
City near Mauna Loa HILO
Deft touch FINESSE
East __ (nation since 2002) TIMOR
Economist Greenspan ALAN
Felonious flames ARSON
Fictional free-spirited aunt MAME
Finished in the top three MEDALED
Florida city, for short BOCA
Friend of Dennis the Menace GINA
Fund-raising device RAFFLE
Game that starts with a break POOL
Golf-ball feature DIMPLE
Iced-tea flavoring LEMON
Insertion mark CARET
Insignificant MERE
Kids' card game WAR
Like King novels EERIE
Like Rocky or Rambo MANLY
Look after TEND
Margarita feature SALT
Meteorite metal IRON
Mideast airline ELAL
More nimble SPRIER
Narcs' action RAID
Needing a rubdown ACHY
North Pole worker ELF
O'Brien predecessor LENO
One of the Brontës ANNE
Paving stuff TAR
Penny-__ (small-time) ANTE
Pepsi alternatives COKES
Place for a body wrap SPA
Poses a danger to MENACES
Pro's adversary ANTI
Promotional ploy TIEIN
Puccini heroine MIMI
Real sidesplitter RIOT
Rented out LET
Rock-concert venues ARENAS
Shot in the dark STAB
Shot off a cannon FIRED
Slate, for short SKED
Sloppy place STY
South Pacific carvings TIKIS
Spinks of the ring LEON
Spoken for TAKEN
Spring times MAYS
Took a powder LEFT
Trespassing, e.g. TORT
Triathlon needs BIKES
Type of tennis tourney PROAM
Vacation expense, maybe GAS
Virginia, in the 1600s COLONY
Way to stand ERECT
Wetland area BOG
Whimper MEWL
Won easily ROMPED
Yemeni seaport ADEN
__ boy (sissy) MAMAS
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