How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 18 2009

''Beg pardon!'' AHEM
''Boo!'' accompanier HISS
''Give __ rest!'' ITA
''Joie de vivre'' ELAN
Algebra's area MATH
Burger partner COLA
Candle holder SCONCE
Chapters of history ERAS
Clan emblems TOTEMS
Colossus TITAN
Come to a halt END
Coveted assignment PLUM
Crop up ARISE
Dealt with, as a pocket watch WOUND
Dele canceler STET
Distress GRIEF
Does batik DYES
Double-curve shape ESS
Dress-shirt feature CUFF
Expound at length ORATE
FDR's coin DIME
Filled to excess SATED
Flue buildup SOOT
Footlocker TRUNK
Foreshadows BODES
Formation flier GOOSE
Fridge stick OLEO
Get in touch with PHONE
Go-between AGENT
Grasp clearly REALIZE
Heels CADS
Hoarfrost RIME
Hunter's garb CAMO
It's a steal THEFT
Kate's sitcom pal ALLIE
Kind of bike TENSPEED
Knucklehead DUNCE
Land measure AREA
Let off steam VENT
Lightheaded GIDDY
Like Dubliners IRISH
Like some stares GLASSY
Long (for) ACHE
Look like a star SHINE
Make fuzzy BLUR
Notary's device SEAL
Overpriced HIGH
Pale brown ECRU
Paparazzo's purchase ZOOMLENS
Parade features FLOATS
Pat down FRISK
Poker pair NINES
Pretzel shape KNOT
Propelled, as a gondola POLED
Restraints for Fido's friends LEASHES
Rigatoni kin ZITI
Rowboat part OARLOCK
Rubs it in GLOATS
Rude dismissal BUMSRUSH
Skating leaps AXELS
Smidgens BITS
Strait-laced PRIM
Strong glue EPOXY
Sub captain of fiction NEMO
Sundial numeral XII
Tabby or calico CAT
Troubleshoots DEBUGS
Unspoken TACIT
Verdi heroine AIDA
Volcanic output ASH
Volvo rival SAAB
Was in a dash RACED
Water, in Oaxaca AGUA
Where to get off EXIT
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