How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 12 2019

100% complete entire
Above over
Abundant lavish
Arm of the sea inlet
Back of a boat stern
Barbecue residue ash
Bath powder talc
Battleship letters uss
Boston-area seafood scrod
Buck or doe deer
Clark of ''Gone with the Wind'' gable
Cravings yens
Despise abhor
Face-to-face exam oral
Fathers of foals sires
Fictional wizard Potter harry
First game of a series opener
Frightening scary
Got up arose
Group of buffaloes herd
Hive dweller bee
In a careful manner safely
Infamous Roman emperor nero
Item of value asset
Judge's garment robe
Kitchen hot spot oven
Leg joint knee
Legal claims liens
Legislation that helped WWII vets gibill
Leisurely walk stroll
Lincoln's birth state kentucky
Lincoln's first residence logcabin
Lincoln's log-chopping nickname therailsplitter
Looking ill pale
Loosen, as a shoe untie
Many mos yrs
Meager paltry
Miles __ gallon per
Mindsets attitudes
Much-admired celebrity idol
Neighborhood food shop deli
Norway's capital oslo
Now completed done
Portraitist's purchases oilcolors
Pre-Easter season lent
Prefix meaning ''against'' anti
Pretzel seasoning salt
Produce a portrait paint
Rant and __ (show anger) rave
Rectangular shape oblong
Restful resorts spas
Rocks from a mine ores
Sheltered harbor cove
Shooting star meteor
Sound of a raindrop plop
Sports stadium arena
Spotted-coat horse pinto
Squeaked through gotby
Standing upright onend
Stars and Stripes flag
Stitches together sews
Stone used by sculptors marble
Submarine detector sonar
Supervisor boss
Support, with ''up'' prop
Tale from Aesop fable
Tequila cocktail, for short rita
Thorough investigation probe
Useful facts, for short info
Vampire writer Rice anne
Verse writer poet
Was sure about knew
Wedding platform altar
Weep audibly sob
Wish well to bless
Witnessed seen
Wooden shipping box crate
__ so (nevertheless) even
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