How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 11 2019

''All kidding __ . . .'' aside
''Amen!'' sobeit
''Gourmet'' cook chef
''I'd hate to break up __'' aset
''Red'' shellfish serving lobster
''That's amazing!'' gee
A Great Lake erie
Abbey resident monk
Adam's spouse eve
Aide: Abbr asst
Angry irate
Aroma odor
Avert or elude evade
Beverage stored in cellars wine
Bigwig in business titan
Burger bun tidbit sesameseed
Car rented for weddings limo
Caves for bears dens
Church wedding's official reverend
Competes at an auction bids
Consume, as food ingest
Country singer McEntire reba
Cow sounds moos
Do wrong sin
Does nothing idles
Egg-shaped oval
Fry lightly saute
Gush like a volcano spew
Hammer target nail
Homeowner's document deed
In addition also
Initial poker payment ante
Jobs for detectives cases
Lends a hand helps
Locomotive on toy tracks modeltrain
Long-tailed rodents rats
Made crow sounds cawed
Make a wager bet
Midday noon
Mix with a spoon stir
Monotonous routine rut
Officer in a forest ranger
Online diary blog
Operatic solo aria
Optimistic rosy
Part of the eye iris
Patches attached with steam ironons
Person who is looking eyer
Phone listings: Abbr nos
Plant with a soothing gel aloe
Pose a question ask
Rains in icy pellets sleets
Red vegetable beet
Ring, as church bells peal
Sandwich bread rye
Sarcastic, as remarks snide
Scorch slightly singe
Sharp part of a knife edge
Shout yell
Small valleys glens
Snooty one snob
Spreadsheet numbers data
Spruce up, as prose edit
Steal from rob
Tax return experts: Abbr cpas
Tenant's payment rent
Three-legged stand easel
Ticklish red Muppet elmo
Untidy room mess
Venetian-blind pieces slats
Walking __ (very happy) onair
Wedding gown fabric satin
Wedding's keyboard player organist
Wedding's pillow carrier ringbearer
Wedding's young tosser of petals flowergirl
When planes are expected: Abbr etas
Without a warranty asis
__ says (kids' game) simon
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