How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 09 2016

''That's too bad'' ALAS
''We're in trouble now'' UHOH
''What's __ for me?'' INIT
''Who, me?'' response YESYOU
A Great Lake ERIE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Anti-DWI grp MADD
Applaud CLAP
April 15 payment TAX
Butter serving PAT
C-__ (DC cable channel) SPAN
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Casino token CHIP
Caterpillars' casings Cocoons
Cobful of corn EAR
Cold War adversary: Abbr USSR
Cold, as a grouchy person UNFRIENDLY
Cold, as a kayoed boxer UNCONSCIOUS
Color variations SHADES
Complete collections SETS
Complete makeovers REDOS
Corridor HALL
Do wrong SIN
Encroaching army INVADER
Enjoys a magazine READS
Espionage org CIA
Facts and figures DATA
Finish END
Frightens SCARES
Give a darn CARE
Gourmet cook CHEF
Gov. pollution watchdog EPA
Handbooks MANUALS
Health clubs SPAS
Hot, as a fashion VERYPOPULAR
Hot, as an angry person INFURIATED
Hourglass contents SAND
Idaho's capital BOISE
Javelin or harpoon SPEAR
Largest sea mammal WHALE
Light-bulb inventor EDISON
List of actors CAST
Long part of jeans LEG
Long-eared beasts of burden ASSES
Luau side dish POI
Luxury wristwatches ROLEXES
Military truant: Abbr AWOL
Most gusty WINDIEST
Naval outpost BASE
Olympics award MEDAL
One-person performance SOLO
Out of town AWAY
Person on horseback RIDER
Pixie-like ELFIN
Place to play golf COURSE
Practice boxing SPAR
Prescription regulating agcy FDA
Pro hoops org NBA
Religious rifts SCHISMS
Residences ABODES
Resort lake near Reno TAHOE
Sales force, for short REPS
Salon coloring target GRAYHAIR
Salon colorist DYER
Sandwich breads RYES
Scissors sound SNIP
Second afterthought on a ltr PPS
Short memo NOTE
Slangy refusal NOPE
Small batteries AAS
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Spicy taco topping SALSA
Take care of a bill PAY
Teachers' org NEA
Very pale ASHY
Visit a store SHOP
Winter ailment FLU
Worker safety org OSHA
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