How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 06 2018

''Prove it!'' showme
''Sorry to say . . .'' sadly
And others: Abbr etal
Angry sore
Approximations: Abbr ests
Baseball great Ripken cal
Be entitled to earn
Become blocked jamup
Biblical garden eden
Blue part of a globe ocean
Borscht vegetable beet
Brought a smile to amused
Business bigwigs execs
Caboose's locale rear
Cajun veggie okra
Car with a meter taxi
Cautions (about) warns
Chefs' garments aprons
Chosen by chance random
Collection of cows herd
Colors hues
Competitive side team
Coyote's call howl
Deceive lieto
Denim pants jeans
Dinner plate dish
Dockside platform pier
Dollar bill one
Engrave on glass etch
Film excerpt scene
Fragrant wood cedar
French-speaking Caribbean country haiti
Frog cousin toad
Fry lightly saute
Gather together amass
Hamburger meat beef
Have lunch or dinner eat
Hollywood headliner star
Indoor sports venue arena
Just slightly atad
Kindergarten basics abcs
Land measure acre
Light browns tans
Long sandwich hero
Lowly laborer peon
Make by hand craft
March 17th honoree, for short stpat
Mexican food that's folded taco
Money-back offer rebate
Muffin pans tins
Nest-egg plans iras
Not in secret openly
Not very talkative offewwords
Not very talkative tothepoint
Not __ many words inso
Offender, in cop lingo perp
Ohio tire city akron
Oil cartel opec
Playpen toy rattle
Point at a target aim
Polite fellow gent
Quartet minus one trio
Roam with stealth prowl
Shopping binge spree
Start of a play acti
Step __ (hurry) onit
Territory area
Tips of the ears lobes
Touches on the shoulder taps
Tug (on) pull
Used a doorbell rang
Utilize, as sources drawon
Very talkative bigmouthed
Very talkative longwinded
Walked heavily trod
Within reach near
__ Moines, IA des
__-Cola (Pepsi rival) coca
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