How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 06 2008

''Far out!'' RAD
''Gladiator'' star CROWE
''__ Ha'i'' BALI
''__, me?'' WHO
) or (, for short PAREN
1/1 song-title word AULD
Actor Rob or Chad LOWE
Actor Wilson OWEN
Backed for election ENDORSED
Barely defeat EDGE
Become limp WILT
Boggy area FEN
Capital on the Nile CAIRO
Cast-of-thousands film EPIC
Cheese choice AMERICAN
Chopped into cubes DICED
Comics shriek EEK
Crude group OPEC
Daffy Duck trait LISP
Deuce topper TREY
Dry as dust ARID
Dull-witted one DODO
Each, slangily APOP
Easily molded SOFT
Equinox mo. SEPT
Eugene's home OREGON
Fake, as an injury FEIGN
Fort __, KY KNOX
Hand over CEDE
Henpeck NAG
Ill temper IRE
Lent a hand to AIDED
Less favorable WORSE
Like alley cats FERAL
Limburger characteristic ODOR
Locket shape OVAL
London's __ End EAST
Mr. Rogers' first name FRED
Nettles IRKS
Not limited BROAD
Old-time shapewear CORSET
On deck NEXT
Out of whack AWRY
Part of a suit JACKET
PBS benefactor NEA
Perched on ATOP
Prefix with natal NEO
Quaff with sushi SAKE
Race prelim HEAT
Roomy dress ALINE
Rowed a boat OARED
Rub raw CHAFE
Salma of ''Frida'' HAYEK
San Marino surrounder ITALY
Self-defense sport JUDO
Sharpshooter Annie OAKLEY
Small hill KNOLL
Spell checker's find TYPO
State firmly AVER
Streisand Oscar role BRICE
Strike down, old-style SMITE
Sugar source CANE
Susan of ''L.A. Law'' DEY
Take care of SEETO
Teen fave IDOL
Trapped, in a way TREED
Turn topsy-turvy UPEND
Update machinery RETOOL
V-8, e.g. ENGINE
Vaudeville show REVUE
Within earshot NEAR
Year-end air NOEL
__ Lanka SRI
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