How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 04 2007

''I'm __ Cowhand'' ANOLD
''Red'' __ (oil-rig blaze fighter) ADAIR
''Stop!'' in piratespeak AVAST
''Sunday in the Park with George'' subject SEURAT
''The Greatest'' ALI
''__ does it!'' THAT
A great distance AFAR
A quart and a bit LITER
Achy spots SORES
Animal rights org. PETA
Annoyance PAIN
April 15th addressee IRS
Assistant AIDE
Auction ender EER
Bancroft of ''The Graduate'' ANNE
Bargain hunter's bonanza CLOSEOUT
Be on the lookout, maybe ABET
Bee participants SPELLERS
Bone-china name SPODE
Botanical rarities, for example EXOTICA
Break, so to speak TAME
Bring bad luck to JINX
British essayist STEELE
British press, slangily FLEETSTREET
Broom-__ (comics witch) HILDA
Caesar's penultimate words ETTU
California theme park MARINEWORLD
Canadian oil company ESSO
Cannon of Hollywood DYAN
Carolers' offering NOEL
Carte blanche, with ''a'' FREEHAND
Certain tide NEAP
Charged particle ION
Chicago film critic EBERT
Chicago mayor DALEY
College-transcript entry BPLUS
Concerning ASTO
Conflagration FIRE
Convertible quintet TIRES
Cote comments BAAS
Cozumel coin PESO
Crepes' relatives BLINTZES
Crockpot creation NAVYBEANSOUP
Decree EDICT
Derisive SNIDE
Director Ephron NORA
Dodge brothers' contemporary FORD
Doesn't present objectively SLANTS
Doll's word MAMA
Emilio, to Martin SON
Engine sound PING
Extremely ONLYTOO
Fall behind LAG
Fathered SIRED
Find fault CARP
First Republic of Texas president HOUSTON
Fmr. fliers SSTS
Gas-stove part PILOTLIGHT
Ginger ale and root beer SODAS
Greek-salad ingredient FETA
Grinding-wheel substance EMERY
Hearts and spades, in bridge MAJORSUITS
Hysterical fear PANIC
In progress AFOOT
Jetson household member ASTRO
Jetson household member ROSIE
John L. Lewis' field LABOR
Kickboxing variation TAEBO
Kind of car COUPE
Kingdom, phylum, __ . . . CLASS
Level off PLATEAU
Like a lot ADORE
Match for 95 Across BOUT
Medical-sch. course ANAT
Mental faculties WITS
Mets' home SHEA
Milkers of song MAIDS
Mork's boss ORSON
Most reliable SUREST
Musical direction TACET
Musical perception EAR
Neighbor of Russia ALASKA
North Carolina team TARHEELS
Not, to a Scot NAE
Numbered rd. RTE
Of birth NATAL
Old college cry RAH
One who paddles CANOER
Opposed to ANTI
Overeat, with ''out'' PIG
Pageant winner's accouterment TIARA
Phillips Exeter, for one PRIVATESCHOOL
Pianist Peter NERO
Poi source TARO
Powdery mineral TALC
Pre-storm lulls CALMS
Prepared prunes, perhaps STEWED
Pyramid, essentially TOMB
Raises REARS
Resulted in LEDTO
Rural emporium GENERALSTORE
SAT taker TEEN
Seat with a low back CAPTAINSCHAIR
Seuss character LORAX
Shore bird ERN
Small bite NIP
Some goose eggs ZEROS
Some hosiery NYLONS
Some nest eggs IRAS
Speak formally ORATE
Standard NORM
Step __ (rush) ONIT
Stroll AMBLE
T-shirt or fridge magnet SOUVENIR
Take it easy RELAX
Take out DATE
Tennis-match units SETS
Terminus END
Tibetan monk LAMA
To-do FLAP
Toddler's pet DOGGY
Touch up, as a hairdo RECOMB
Traffic-jam sounds BEEPS
Up and about ASTIR
V-Victor connection ASIN
Venus de Milo's lack ARMS
W. Hemisphere alliance OAS
Walking sticks CANES
Warhol subject CAN
Was arraigned PLED
Was indebted to OWED
Western wine valley NAPA
When shadows are shortest NOON
Word said with a sigh ALAS
Word-processor command UNDO
Yalta conferee STALIN
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