How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 31 2007

''Electric'' fish EEL
''Oh, yeah?'' SEZWHO
''Sorry, __ at the office'' IGAVE
A Great Lake ERIE
Adam's home EDEN
Adam's second son ABEL
Apartment payment RENT
Australian bearlike beast KOALA
Baseball officials UMPS
Bulletin-board fasteners TACKS
Caviar source ROE
Chair or bench SEAT
Club regulation BYLAW
Collective-bargaining group UNION
Competition on the water BOATRACE
Complains MOANS
Crunchy sandwich, for short BLT
Customary practice HABIT
Dentist's concerns TEETH
Doily material LACE
Dye, for instance COLORING
End of a fable MORAL
Engage in debate ARGUE
Excursion TRIP
Experts ACES
Great review RAVE
Greek cheese FETA
Guys MEN
Hard to find RARE
Have coming EARN
Have coming MERIT
Household cleaning chemical AMMONIA
Incoming-plane stats. ETAS
Inquires ASKS
Item's cost PRICE
Jordanian or Saudi ARAB
Location SITE
Loses one's footing STUMBLES
Mailed away SENT
Make fun of TEASE
Makes noise while sleeping SNORES
Mardi __ GRAS
Monica of tennis SELES
Noisy fight FRACAS
Noisy gardening machine LEAFBLOWER
Noisy kitchen appliance GARBAGEDISPOSAL
Noisy winter vehicle SNOWMOBILE
Note after fa SOL
Obtains GETS
Office neckwear TIE
Penny-__ poker ANTE
Prepare, as laundry SORT
Rental document LEASE
Ritzy residence ESTATE
Sandwich-cookie name OREO
Santa's helper ELF
Seafood servings with shells MUSSELS
Seasons, as popcorn SALTS
Sgts., for example NCOS
Showed the way LED
Social stratum CASTE
Software purchaser USER
Take a break REST
Thailand's former name SIAM
That lady HER
The Dalai __ LAMA
Threesome TRIO
To no __ (ineffective) AVAIL
Tourney rounds SEMIS
Toward sunset WEST
Tucson's loc. ARIZ
Type of poem ODE
Walk through water WADE
War horse STEED
Way back when YEARSAGO
Wine barrel CASK
Work-wk. start, usually MON
__-steven (tied) EVEN
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