How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 30 2018

''Give it up!'' clap
''Not __ watch!'' onmy
''Photo'' sessions ops
''Who's there?'' reply itsme
71 Down for some jrs psat
Acknowledge, in a way nodto
Adept expert wiz
Advil alternative aleve
Aim (to) intend
Alabama city selma
Ali portrayer smith
All arranged set
Alluring sexy
Annapolis sch usna
Autobahn vehicle audi
Belgian diamond center antwerp
Big do gala
Bland writing pap
Broil or bake cook
Burma neighbor, a while back siam
Bus ancestor stage
Casablanca character ilsa
Casino ball game keno
Chapel structure altar
Chocolate shape bar
City near Düsseldorf essen
Congregate meet
Connects logically tiesin
Consultant's customer client
Court reporter, for short steno
Crow's color black
Cry from a crib wah
Cultural spirit ethos
Cut corners skimp
Day trip outing
Decides on chooses
Delicacy of demeanor tact
Deserves rates
Diva's performances arias
Don't partake of eschew
Editor's ''Out'' dele
Elucidations, briefly info
Evil deed sin
Expression uttered weekly tgif
Eye-level organ ear
Fallen angel satan
Feeling remorse sorry
Female fowl hen
Field of expertise area
First and youngest charleslindbergh
Frat letter tau
Freeway access onramp
French diarist nin
Garden entrance gate
Gator kin croc
Geek Squad customer user
Gems from Australia opals
Grandson of Eve enos
Group of pundits panel
Grump's grunt bah
Half of the only married couple chiangkaishek
Hold up detain
Household fuel gas
In __ (as found) situ
India's first prime minister nehru
Interjection of indifference meh
Japan's national sport sumo
Jockey's concern pace
Labor Dept. grp osha
Land on the Red Sea yemen
Leisure diversion hobby
Lloyd Webber musical cats
Manufacturer's assortment line
Matured aged
Memo directive asap
Mexican money pesos
Micronesian nation nauru
Mushy soft
Necklace holder clasp
Nick of films nolte
Nimble spry
NL West team ari
No benevolent boss ogre
Nonprescription, for short otc
Numbered work opus
Occupy pleasantly amuse
Only American-born woman wallissimpson
Only British Prime Minister (1940, 1949) winstonchurchill
Only South American popefrancis
Only three-time honoree (1932, 1934, 1941) franklinroosevelt
Opposite of ja nein
Page number, in printer lingo folio
Part of 39 Across olympic
Phasing-out Medicare ID ssn
Pic purchased at a parlor tat
Picasso's homeland spain
Pleasant change relief
Post-joke query getit
Prefix for physics astro
Primatologist Fossey dian
Pro __ work bono
Procedure way
Punxsutawney groundhog phil
Racing sled luge
Raucous noise blare
Recent annual visitor santa
Reference updated annually almanac
Render pulpy mash
Revered object idol
Right-leaning letters italics
Road runners autos
Samsung's headquarters seoul
Santa __, CA ana
School support grp pta
Seat of government capital
Sight from Seattle rainier
Singer Orbison roy
Skill at speaking oratory
Small-scale people mover tram
Southeast Asian language lao
Stanley Cup awarder nhl
Story spreader gossip
Student hurdle exam
Summer Games org ioc
Taken to court sued
Tampa tackles, for short bucs
Temple scroll torah
The Emerald Isle erin
The Hobbit hero bilbo
Throw with force hurl
Toothed tool saw
Tosses in adds
Try out, informally demo
Tutti-__ frutti
TV news hour ten
Type of girder ibeam
Typically one-name family members pets
Unenthusiastic assent iguess
Wall bracket shapes ells
Water __ (dental gadget) pik
Western wine region napa
Winning streak, so to speak hotroll
Working for under
World's largest peninsula arabia
Wrench (away) tear
Youngest woman elizabethii
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